Announcing our 2015 Calendar

January 29, 2015 1:38 am by International Chocolate Awards in Press

2015 brings an expanded competition with new regional and national rounds for the Mediterranean, and Eastern Europe, a new British national competition, along with Belgian and French rounds and the world’s first pure plain and origin chocolate bar competition in London. The year will also include the first full competition for Drinking Chocolate, open to all entrants from around the world.

The International Chocolate Awards, the world’s only independent multi-country fine chocolate competition, is pleased to announce its calendar for 2015. The fourth year of the Awards sees the International Chocolate Awards maturing and developing, with new regional and national competitions in Europe celebrating a wealth of fine chocolate craft and the rich cultural heritage and diversity of Europe’s craft chocolate history.

2015 also sees the first international competition devoted purely to plain unflavoured and origin chocolate bars, which will take place in London in March. Similar to wine tasting, the European plain and origin bar competition will focus only on the flavour notes that come from origin cacao from different terroirs and varieties, and the quality of chocolate making by artisanal chocolate makers.

The Americas regional competition, the largest in the calendar, is expected to again attract entries from US craft micro-batch makers, from Latin American companies producing fine chocolate at home in the cacao growing countries and entries from the Asia-Pacific region – from India, Vietnam and the Philippines to master chocolatiers in Japan.

European competitions

The Awards will continue to promote fine chocolate and the work of fine chocolatiers to consumers in new regions, with the first Eastern European regional competition in Budapest in September. Italy will host the first Mediterranean chocolate competition at the Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts in Florence and will judge Italian fine chocolate products alongside other southern European countries including Spain, with its important position in the history of chocolate and renowned Catalan chocolatiers, along with entrants from specialist companies in Northern African and the Middle East.

2015 sees new National competitions in Belgian and France and the first British National competition, focusing solely on British fine chocolate and recognising the growing number of high-end chocolatiers around the UK. The British competition will be held in York, a historical centre for British chocolate and will supported by partners including The Chocolate Way, a European cultural route for chocolate and The Chocolate Show, the London show of the famous Paris Salon du Chocolat.

Hannover will host the second ‘D-A-CH’, German/Austrian/Swiss competition in May, with the prize ceremony at the Hannover Chocolate Festival in September, Denmark’s renowned Hotel- og Restaurantskole will host the Scandinavian competition, with prizes given at the Copenhagen Chocolate Festival, while Canada will hold its fourth annual round.

Hannover will also be the venue for the first World Drinking Chocolate competition in September, which will be hosted by the second Schokolade Gourmet Festival in Germany. This will include a pilot for alcoholic drinks/liquors made with chocolate or cacao products. Schokolade Gourmet Festival are also holding a ‘People’s Choice’ round, where festival visitors will pay a small fee to taste several different hot chocolates and vote for their favourite.

All winners in this year’s competitions will be eligible to take part in the World Final, held in London in October with the presentation ceremony live at The Chocolate Show in London.

2015 Calendar

Belgian National Competition – judged 22-25 January, winners announced Salon du Chocolat Brussels, 9 February

Italian/Mediterranean Competition – 19-23 February, Florence, Italy

Scandinavian Competition – 4-6 March, ceremony 7 March, Copenhagen Chocolate Festival

European Plain/origin bar Competition – 14-17 March, London

British National Competition – 18-21 April, York, UK, prize ceremony June, York

Americas Competition – 26-30 April, New York

D-A-CH – German/Austrian/Swiss Competition – 7-10 May, ceremony September

World Drinking Chocolate Competition – 12-13 September, Hannover

Eastern European Competition – 17-20 September, Budapest, Hungary

Canadian National Competition – 25-27 September, Toronto

World Final – October 2015, London, ceremony at The Chocolate Show, 16-18 October 2015

French National Competition – to be held in 2016

A Japanese/Asia-Pacific competition is in development for 2016.

Entering the Awards

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