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Informations sur le concours – World Final 2017

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World Final, 2017

Lieu: London, United Kingdom
Dates d’évaluation: octobre 1, 2017 – octobre 11, 2017

The 2017 World Final 6th edition will feature extended judging this year as the International Chocolate Awards grows, with once again an increased number of entries and winners from around the world.

This year’s judging will be held starting on October 1 and continue during Chocolate Week in the UK, with the World Ceremony taking place at The Chocolate Show in London at 6.30pm on 13 October 2017. Preliminary judging of Plain/origin bars will begin on 12 September 2017.

The World Final will judge the best of the plain/origin and flavoured bars, filled chocolates/bonbons and spreads from this year’s winners from around the world. All entries are rejudged with no reference to previous wins.


Because of a record number of entries this year, plain/origin bars will be judged in a preliminary round starting 12 September 2017.

Plain/origin bars must be sent to York Cocoa House in York, UK, to arrive by 11 September latest. If possible, please send your parcels to arrive by 8 September.

If you are a plain/origin bar entrant and also have flavoured bars qualifying for the World Final, you may also send your flavoured bars at the same time as your plain/origin bars.

All filled chocolates and bonbons must be sent to the London receiving address between 25 September and 4 October 2017. If you are not a plain/origin bar entrant, flavoured bars must also arrive in London during these times.


Entry is by qualification through a Gold, Silver or Bronze prize win at a National, Regional or Semifinal competition during 2017 only.

Winners of all the year’s competitions except Growing Country Support competitions are invited to enter their 2017 winning entries in the World Final.

Only 2017 winning products may be entered and may not be substituted for alternate products. Different batches are acceptable as are batch variations and recipe changes that do not significantly alter the product in such as way that it would constitute a different retail product.

Entrants’ 2017 winners will be automatically listed on the system when you register.

Le prix d’admission à cette compétition s’élève à GBP £50 et les frais de participation s’élèvent à GBP £40. Les prix seront convertis en monnaie locale par la carte de crédit de votre entreprise, si nécessaire.

Comment s’inscrire

Veuillez vous connecter ou vous inscrire pour participer à une compétition

Lisez les Règles du concours avant de vous inscrire.


Adresse pour l’envoi des échantillons


International Chocolate Awards
c/o St. Pancras Meeting Rooms
Derbyshire House
St Chad’s St
Kings Cross,


Pour vous assurer que vos échantillons sont dans les meilleures conditions pour le concours, ne les envoyez pas avant la date d’ouverture des échantillons. Pour les produits frais tels que les ganaches, il est conseillé de les envoyer la dernière semaine avant la date de clôture.

    • Ouverture de la réception des échantillons:
      – septembre 25, 2017
  • Dernier jour de réception des échantillons::
    – octobre 4, 2017
  • Date de clôture en ligne::
    – octobre 2, 2017
Sample quantities

Pour vous assurer qu’un nombre suffisant de produits passent par nos tours Sélection, Principal et Grand Jury, envoyez les quantités suivantes pour CHAQUE produit que vous saisissez:

    • Tablettes: 400g (14 ounces) total weight
  • Chocolat fourré/bonbons/pralines/truffes etc. :: 40 pieces


  • Pâtes à tartiner: 300 grams/10 ounces