European Semi-final 2014 – Grand Jury finalists

The International Chocolate Awards is pleased to announce the Grand Jury finalists of the 2014 European Semi-final, which was judged at the Palazzo Gaddi in Florence, Italy, 27 February – 3 March 2014.

The Grand Jury finalists are the entries that made it through to the final Grand Jury round after a two-day Selection process and two days of Main round judging by over 70 judges from Italy and around the world – including Germany, Belgium, France, Japan, the USA and UK.

The Gold, Silver and Bronze winning products voted for by the Grand Jury in each category will be announced at the Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner in Florence on 17 May 2014. Grand Jury Merit awards will also be announced at the May ceremony.

The Grand Jury finalists of the 2014 European Semi-finals are:

(In alphabetical order)


Bars – Dark plain/origin bars

Akesson’s Organic (United Kingdom) – Bali – Sukrama Farms – 75% Trinitario Cocoa
Bonnat Chocolatier (France) – Kaori
Bonnat Chocolatier (France) – M Libanio
Bonnat Chocolatier (France) – Cusco
Bonnat Chocolatier (France) – Vale do Juliana
Chocolaterie A. Morin (France) – Perou Pablino
Chocolaterie A. Morin (France) – Venezuela Chuao
Friis-Holm (Denmark) – Nicaliso 70%
Friis-Holm (Denmark) – Johe 70%
Friis-Holm (Denmark) – La Dalia 70% – The Lazy Cocoa Grower’s Blend
Friis-Holm (Denmark) – Chuno 70% Tripple Turned
Red Star Chocolate (United Kingdom) – Duffy’s Honduras Indio Rojo 72%
Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé (Hungary) – Porcelana

Bars – High Percentage Dark plain/origin bars

Akesson’s Organic (United Kingdom) – Madagascar – Ambolikapiky Plantation – 100% Criollo Cocoa
Bonnat Chocolatier (France) – 100%
Francois Pralus (France) – Tablette Bio 100% Madagascar

Bars – Rough Ground Dark plain/origin bars

Donna Elvira (Italy) – Cioccolata Modicana – Perù Amazònico
Omnom Chocolate (Iceland) – Madagascar 66 %
Szántó Tibor Fine Chocolates (Hungary) – Carenero Superior dark chocolate 70%

Bars – Dark plain/origin bars made with alternative natural sugars

Chocolate Naive (Lithuania)

Bars – Milk plain/origin bars

Francois Pralus (France) – Tablette Melissa
Friis-Holm (Denmark) – Dark Milk 65%
Friis-Holm (Denmark) – Dark Milk 55%
IDILIO ORIGINS (Switzerland) – Idilio con Leche, Idilio Nr.15
Michel Cluizel (France) – Mangaro Milk 50%
Red Star Chocolate (United Kingdom) – Duffy’s Venezuela Ocumare 55%
Slitti (Italy) – LatteNero 45%

Bars – White plain/origin bars

Michel Cluizel (France) – Ivoire / White

Bars – Dark chocolate bars flavoured with an infusion or flavouring

Co Couture (United Kingdom) – Ginger Guice 94%
Chocolate Naive (Lithuania) – Dark Chocolate With Forest Honey
Gardini (Italy) – Dark Chocolate Caffè e Cardamomo
Gardini (Italy) – Dark Chocolate and Sweet Sea salt of Cervia
Menakao (Madagascar) – Menakao – Dark Chocolate 70% trio of pepper

Bars – Dark chocolate bars flavoured with inclusions or pieces

Akesson’s Organic (United Kingdom) – Madagascar – 75% chocolate & voatsiperifery pepper
Michel Cluizel (France) – Dark Mendiant
Pasticceria l’Antica di Ernst Knam (Italy) – Baretta con grue’ di cacao e sale di Maldon
Slitti (Italy) – Gran Cacao 70% Perù bar

Bars – Flavoured dark chocolate bars with a filling

Co Couture (United Kingdom) – Japanese Cherry Sencha 70%
Francois Pralus (France) – Barre Infernale Noir
Guido Castagna (Italy) – Gianduja Fondente

Bars – Milk chocolate bars flavoured with an infusion or flavouring

Chocolate Naive (Lithuania) – Milk chocolate with salted caramel
Gardini (Italy) – Milk Chocolate with liquorice and sweet sea salt of Cervia

Bars – Milk chocolate bars flavoured with inclusions or pieces

Chika Watanabe (United Kingdom) – Pistachio Lemon Madagascar Dark Milk chocolate
chocoMe (Hungary) – chocoMe F119
Gardini (Italy) – Milk chocolate and coffee
Michel Cluizel (France) – Milk Salted Butter Caramel

Bars – Flavoured milk chocolate bars with a filling

Francois Pralus (France) – Barre Infernale 160g Lait
Piccola Pasticceria (Italy) – Giandjua

Bars – Flavoured white chocolate

Bonnat Chocolatier (France) – Chocolat Blanc Fraize
Bonnat Chocolatier (France) – Cerize Blanc
chocoMe (Hungary) – chocoMe G105


Filled chocolates – dark (flavoured or unflavoured)

Unflavoured dark – Ganaches and truffles

Andrea Bianchini (Italy) – Jolly Roger
Le Cacaotier (France) – Taïnos

Unflavoured dark – Nut pralines

A Giordano (Italy) – Giacometta lavorata a mano
Bonnat Chocolatier (France) – Menados
Giuseppe Manilia (Italy) – Incontro

Unflavoured dark – Gianduiotto

A Giordano (Italy) – Gianduiotti lavorati a mano
Bodrato cioccolato (Italy) – Black Giandujotto
Guido Castagna (Italy) – Giandujotto
Piccola Pasticceria (Italy) – Piccolo Gianduja

Unflavoured dark – Cremino

Guido Castagna (Italy) – Cremino Nocciola Piemonte IGP e Pistacchio di Bronte
Piccola Pasticceria (Italy) – Nuovo Cremino

Flavoured dark – Ganaches and truffles

Atelier du Confiseur (France) – Framboise
Chococo (United Kingdom) – Spirit of Saigon Chocolate
Damian Allsop Chocolates (United Kingdom) – Rhubarb & dark water ganache
Dolci Libertà (Italy) – Truffle with Barolo Chinato Cocchi
Ika chocolate (Israel)– Za’atar Ganache

Dark – Nut based pralines and gianduja, enrobed whole nuts

Atelier du Confiseur (France) – Sel de Guérande
Guido Castagna (Italy) – Cremino Nocciola Piemonte IGP e Cannella

Dark chocolate marzipan

Torta Pistocchi Firenze (Italy) – Norimberga One

Dark – Caramels

Paul A Young Fine Chocolates (United Kingdom) – Sea salted caramel
Paul A Young Fine Chocolates (United Kingdom) – Honey and whole almond caramel

Dark – Dark fruit pastes, jellies/gelée, enrobed whole fruits, liquid centres with alcohol, fondants

Atelier du Confiseur (France) – Mandarine
Il Cioccolato di BruCo (Italy) – Lonzetta di Fico ricoperta al cioccolato


Filled chocolates – milk (flavoured or unflavoured)

Milk – Ganaches and truffles

Andrea Bianchini (Italy) – Milk ganache with rosemary and rock salt
Ben Le Prevost Chocolatier (United Kingdom) – Miso
Paul A Young Fine Chocolates (United Kingdom) – 55% Venezuelan milk chocolate truffle
Peano (Italy) – Milk chocolate praline filled with bitter honey

Milk – Unflavoured Cremino

A Giordano (Italy) – Cremino nocciola

Milk – Flavoured Cremino

Gardini (Italy) – Cremino Liquerizia
Gardini (Italy) – Cremino Amarena

Milk – Gianduiotto

Piccola Pasticceria (Italy) – Piccolo Gianduja

Milk – Enrobed whole nuts

chocoMe (Hungary) – chocoMe Raffinée Piemonte Hazelnut RF103
Dolci Libertà (Italy) – Dragees with Nocciola Piemonte IGP and milk chocolate
Slitti (Italy) – Mandorle d’Avola
Torta Pistocchi Firenze (Italy) – Dragee Pistacchio e Arancio

Milk – Fruit pastes, jellies/gelée, enrobed whole fruits, liquid centres with alcohol, fondants

Il Cioccolato di BruCo (Italy) – Mandarino di Calabria candito intero ricoperto con cioccolato fondente
Paul A Young Fine Chocolates (United Kingdom) – Peanut butter and raspberry jelly
Piccola Pasticceria (Italy) – Banana


Filled chocolates – mixed (flavoured or unflavoured)

Ganaches and truffles with mixed dark/milk/white chocolate for coating and fillings

Bruno Chocolate (Israel) – Mumbai Crunch
Bruno Chocolate (Israel) – Halvah Cream
Chococo (United Kingdom) – Black Cow Vodka Chocolate
Nicky Grant (United Kingdom) – Fennel & Ginger
Paul A Young Fine Chocolates (United Kingdom) – Passion fruit curd
Piccola Pasticceria (Italy) – Sole del Sud
Piccola Pasticceria (Italy) – Origine
Zangio Családi Csokoládéműhely (Hungary) – ‘I dunno’ plum



Dark – Spreads

Guido Castagna (Italy) – Crema di nocciole + 55
Slitti Chocolate (Italy) – Gianera

Milk – Spreads

Fonderia del cacao (Italy) – Cremolosa
Gusti di Napoli (Italy) – Crema di cioccolata al latte di bufala
Pasticceria Vacchieri Marco – Dolci intuizioni (Italy) – Crema gianduia
Piluc (Italy) – Pilucchella
Slitti (Italy) – Riccosa