World Drinking Chocolate Competition 2022 – Winners

December 1, 2022 8:57 pm by Lilla Toth-Tatai in Results, Winners

On Saturday, November 26, The International Chocolate Awards announced the winners of the 2022 World Drinking Chocolate Competition at the beginning of the 2021-22 World Final virtual ceremony held over Zoom and live on Facebook. Co-founder, Monica Meschini joined live from Florence, together with a group of Italian entrants enjoying classic drinking chocolate at the historical Rivoire café, site of one of the first chocolate factories in Italy.



This year the drinking chocolate competition received a record number of entries, from chocolate makers all over the world, working with an equally global range of cacao. For our chocolate judges, this is another exciting opportunity, a chance to see how all the great chocolate-making talent out there translates that into something designed to drink.

Every sample was different, from fine powder, to pearls, to pistoles, to slabs. Judges prepared the drinks in their own kitchens and every recipe was different, too; some a few lines, some detailed and including additional suggestions and variations for how to get the best from each entry.

Consulting across the Grand Jury judges, what becomes clear is that the most significant factor for a successful hot chocolate, aside from the quality of the chocolate, is the translation of that chocolate via the recipe. – Cat Black, feature writer of the Awards

The highest-scoring product was announced as overall winner of this year’s competition. This year, the ‘best in show’ drinking chocolate was made by Whosecacao from Japan, with their Yuzu-Sansho flavoured dark drinking chocolate powder using a milk-based recipe for the final drink, scoring 90.2/100.

Delicious! Strong yuzu flavor, subtle pepper flavor, and really nice texture / George Gensler, Grand Jury

Very good flavour balance / Martin Christy, Grand Jury

Among the unflavoured dark drinking chocolates made with water Hong Kong-based SLOK Chocolate‘s Philippines 72% got the highest score (84.2) worthy of a Bronze, while among drinks made with milk, Malaysian Benns Ethicoa‘s 70% Single Estate Khlung District received a Gold with a score of 86.6.

There was only one winner in the milk chocolate-based drinking chocolate category, but that was a Gold, for Deseo Chocolate‘s (Poland) very rich Dominican Republic origin hot chocolate, topped with cream and house-made hazelnut paste (88.1 points) which also received a Special prize for ‘Recipe’.

White chocolate-based drinking chocolates were best enjoyed by our judges with some added flavours. Fjåk Chocolate‘s (Norway) caramelized white chocolate with brown cheese won not only a Gold but also a Special award for ‘Gastronomic’, since it’s such a surprising combination.

The cocoa powder categories were single-handedly won by Goodnow Farms Chocolate (USA) with a silver for their Pimienta Gorda Hot Chocolate (85.4 points) and three bronzes in the unflavoured cocoa powder category.

drinking choc from jug

The judging panel was a carefully selected group of our most experienced judges with a professional culinary background, who tasted the entries in anonymised judging, together with the permanent members of our Grand Jury.


The International Chocolate Awards is continuing its drive for transparency and standardisation in chocolate sensory evaluation, using the flavor profiling system from our parent body, the IICCT. As part of this initiative, we are now listing the scores for all winners and finalists, giving consumers a better guide for chocolate quality and entrants something extra to celebrate along with their medals. The scores given are similar to those used in specialty coffee, where 80 and above indicates fine chocolate quality and scores above 90 suggest extraordinary quality and craft. The prize break points are set by the Grand Jury for each category, according to the product type.

The 2022 World Drinking Chocolate Winners are:

(Prizes are shown in score order for each medal)

‘Best in competition’ overall winners

Drinking Chocolate

Gold: Whosecacao, Inc.  (Japan) – SpecialtyChocolateDrinkPowder/Yuzusansho (90.2)

Drinks with dark chocolate

Plain/origin dark drinking chocolate (made with water)

Bronze: SLOK Chocolate  (Hong Kong) – Philippines 72% (84.2) (**)

Bronze: SLOK Chocolate  (Hong Kong) – India 70% (83.4) (**)

Bronze: Barberis  (Peru) – pasta pura gourmet (83.2) (**)

Plain/origin dark drinking chocolate (made with milk)

Gold: Benns Ethicoa  (Malaysia) – 70% Single Estate Khlung District (86.6)

Silver: Fjåk Chocolate  (Norway) – 70% dark Dominican Republic (86.2) (**)

Silver: Chococo  (United Kingdom) – 72% Ecuador Dark – Hacienda Zoilita (86.0)

Silver: Benns Ethicoa  (Malaysia) – 68% Chemor drinking chocolate (85.4) (**)

+ Special: Growing Country

Silver: Benns Ethicoa  (Malaysia) – 72% Anaimalai Hills dark chocolate (85.3) (**)

Silver: Benns Ethicoa  (Malaysia) – 64% Panchor drinking chocolate (85.2) (**)

Bronze: Fjåk Chocolate  (Norway) – 70% dark Tanzania (84.4) (**)

Bronze: Fu Wan Chocolate  (Taiwan) – River 88% Ping-Tung (83.8) (**)

Bronze: Chococo  (United Kingdom) – 70% Madagascar Dark – Ambanja, Sambirano (83.7)

Bronze: Solkiki Chocolatemaker  (United Kingdom) – Chuncho Dark Drinking Chocolate Mix (83.7)

Bronze: Fu Wan Chocolate  (Taiwan) – River 100% Ping-Tung (83.5) (**)

Bronze: Fjåk Chocolate  (Norway) – 72% dark Guatemala (83.5) (**)

Bronze: Chococo  (United Kingdom) – 80% Uganda Dark – Bundibugyo (83.2)

Bronze: Khom Chocolatier House  (Thailand) – KHOM’S HOUSE BLEND NO.1 (83.2) (**)

Bronze: Chococo  (United Kingdom) – 100% Ecuador – Hacienda Zoilita (83.1)

Flavoured dark drinking chocolate (made with water)

Bronze: Monia Achille  (Italy) – Ma karkadè (84.0)

Flavoured dark drinking chocolate (made with milk)

Gold: Whosecacao, Inc.  (Japan) – SpecialtyChocolateDrinkPowder/Yuzusansho (90.2) (**)

+ Special: Local ingredients

Silver: Fjåk Chocolate  (Norway) – Cinnamon roll drinking chocolate (87.8) (**)

+ Special: Reinterpretation

Silver: NRCOFFEE(느린커피)  (South Korea) – Drinking Chocolate(Bourbon Cask Aged) (87.4) (**)

+ Special: Cacao flavoring/aging

Silver: Alex Yu  (Taiwan) – 60% Pingtung 阿里山四季春-林芯慈 Meiho University (85.9) (**)

Silver: Fjåk Chocolate  (Norway) – Gingerbread drinking chocolate (85.5) (**)

+ Special: Reinterpretation

Bronze: SLOK Chocolate  (Hong Kong) – Aged with Lavender (84.7) (**)

Bronze: Novello Chocolate  (Greece) – THE REAL BIO CHOCOLATE 61% WITH SPICES (84.7) (**)

Bronze: Monia Achille  (Italy) – Ma miele e sambuco (84.1)

Drinks with milk chocolate

Flavoured milk drinking chocolate (with milk chocolate/milk powder)

Gold: DESEO Chocolate  (Poland) – Gorąca czekolada z masłem orzechowym (88.1) (**)

+ Special: Recipe

Drinks with white chocolate

White drinking chocolate

Gold: Fjåk Chocolate  (Norway) – White caramelised & brown cheese (87.6) (**)

+ Special: Gastronomic

Silver: Monia Achille  (Italy) – Ma rrakech (86.8)

+ Special: Innovation

Drinks with cocoa powder

Plain/origin cocoa powder drinks (made with milk)

Bronze: Goodnow Farms Chocolate  (United States) – Asochivite Hot Cocoa (84.4) (**)

Bronze: Goodnow Farms Chocolate  (United States) – Ucayali Hot Cocoa (84.4) (**)

Bronze: Goodnow Farms Chocolate  (United States) – Almendra Blanca Hot Cocoa (84.3) (**)

Flavoured cocoa powder drinks (made with milk)

Silver: Goodnow Farms Chocolate  (United States) – Pimienta Gorda Hot Cocoa (85.4) (**)

Alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks/liquors made with chocolate or cacao

Gold: Mil Alas Nocturne  (Guatemala) – Mil Alas Nocturne (88.8) (**)

+ Special: Growing Country

Bronze: Over Lab Chocolate  (Thailand) – Choco-Umeshu (84.8) (**)

(*)  Declared chocolate maker for private label bars.

(**) Winner has declared the product is made with their own bean-to-bar chocolate or couverture.

National Awards are given to Grand Jury finalists when there are 10 or more entries from one country in a category.