Colombian Competition 2021 – Grand Jury Finalists

desembre 17, 2021 10:35 pm by Lilla Toth-Tatai in Finalists, Results

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The International Chocolate Awards is pleased to announce the Grand Jury Finalists of the 2021 Cacao Country Support Competition in Colombia, which was judged in November 2021.


The Grand Jury Finalists are the entries that made it through to the final Grand Jury round, having scored at least 80/100, which is the score from which products are considered to have fine flavor quality and be free of major defects. The scores are finalised by the Grand Jury, who may consider and review products where there is not a high level of agreement by the main judging panel.


While listing as a Grand Jury Finalist is an achievement in itself, not all Finalists will receive a prize. Prizes are awarded according to standard benchmark scores for each medal, which may be varied according to the category, local conditions and statistical analysis of the judging scores.


Scores are made public for the Finalists only, scores are not shown for entries that did not achieve a Finalist level to maintain entrant confidentiality.

The scores are calculated using the IICCT Flavor Profiling system and are weighted to match recognised coffee scores, where speciality coffee would begin with a minimum score of 80/100 and upwards.

The Finalists of the Colombian Competition are:

(In alphabetical order within each category)

Barres llises/originals

Barres llises/originals negres

Elinor Chocolate (Colombia) – Barra de Chocolate Perfección Pura 73% (88.57)
Carlota Chocolat (Colombia) – Chocolate Meta 70% (87.88)
CACAO+ (Colombia) – CACAO+ 70% Cacao – Barra de Chocolate (81.10)
EQUIORI (Colombia) – Dark chocolate 80% (80.00)

Micro-batch – Barres llises/originals negres

Chocolate Sierra Sagrada (Colombia) – Sierra Sagrada 64% Sierra Nevada (91.00)
Carlota Chocolat (Colombia) – Chocolate Arauca 72% (90.54)
Carlota Chocolat (Colombia) – Chocolate Nariño 72% (89.10)
De Olier Chocolatl (Colombia) – Chocolate 85% Cacao Fino de Aroma (88.66)
Chocolate Sierra Sagrada (Colombia) – Sierra Sagrada 85% Cacao Sierra Nevada (88.20)
Chocolate Sierra Sagrada (Colombia) – Sierra Sagrada 72% Cacao Sierra Nevada (88.08)
Zurych Chocolate Artesanal (Colombia) – Chocolate Zurych (87.83)
Aroma a Cacao (Colombia) – Joropo (87.49)
Carlota Chocolat (Colombia) – Chocolate Santander 68% (87.19)
Aroma a Cacao (Colombia) – Arauca Gold (86.76)
Legado – Cacao Experience – (Colombia) – Caqueta 70% (86.22)
Xué Chocolate Artesanal (Colombia) – Barra chocolate 72 cacao (85.60)
Kilimbo (Colombia) – Chocolate oscuro 70% cacao (85.30)
Maluwa Chocolate Company (Colombia) – Huila 60% – Gigante (84.86)
Maluwa Chocolate Company (Colombia) – Arauca 70% – Tame (83.52)
Maluwa Chocolate Company (Colombia) – Antioquia 90% – Turbo (82.39)

Barres llises/originals alternative

Maluwa Chocolate Company (Colombia) – Chocó 80% endulzado con miel de abejas (84.62)

Barres llises/originals blanques

LCacao (Colombia) – Gold Colombia (80.65)

Barres de sabors

Barres de xocolata negra amb una infusió o aroma

Legado – Cacao Experience – (Colombia) – Legado Spices (84.71)
Maluwa Chocolate Company (Colombia) – Catatumbo 60% con Limonaria (83.66)

Barres de xocolata negra amb inclusions o trossos

Provinzzia Chocolates (Colombia) – Sal marina con 65% cacao (87.76)
Chocolate Sierra Sagrada (Colombia) – Sierra Sagrada 70% Cacao y uchuvas (86.84)
EQUIORI (Colombia) – Dark chocolate 70%+ cocoa nibs (81.14)

Barres de xocolata amb llet amb inclusions o trossos

Maluwa Chocolate Company (Colombia) – Santander 35% – Lebrija & Simacota (82.80)

Barres de xocolata blanca amb una infusió o aroma

LCacao (Colombia) – Colombian Verde Matcha Vegan Chocolate (80.60)

Ganaches, palets, bombons i trufes ganache

Ganaches de xocolata amb llet o trufes

Maclaud Chocolateria (Colombia) – Bombon De hormiga y licor (82.25)

Altres – fruita / sucre / mantega / crema

Fruita sencera recoberta de xocolata negra

Carlota Chocolat (Colombia) – Uchuvas Recubiertas Con Chocolate (83.57)

Manon / mantega / crema recoberta de xocolata negra ..

De Olier Chocolatl (Colombia) – Bonbon Miel de Cacao (87.48)

Cocoa Powder

EQUIORI (Colombia) – Cocoa powder (86.88)