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Informació Competició – Canadian Chocolatier Competition 2020

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Canadian Chocolatier Competition, 2020

Ubicació: Toronto, Canada
Dates d’avaluació:: octubre 10, 2020 – octubre 19, 2020
Països elegibles:: Canada

Fall is here and it’s time for the chocolate season to get into full swing so we’re pleased to announce our 2020 Canadian Chocolatier Competition.

With consumers focusing more on buying local in these unusual COVID times, the Canadian Chocolatier competition is a great chance to promote chocolate as the ‘affordable luxury’. The market for speciality food is increasing as shoppers change their spending habits and the Canadian competition is a great chance for recognition and promoting your products through prize wins and to raise awareness of the fine chocolate sector with consumers.

The Canadian Chocolatier Competition celebrates the craft of chocolatiers and chocolate companies who create filled chocolates, truffles, ganaches, caramels, fondants, enrobed fruits and nuts and spreads made from chocolate couverture or from their own bean-to-bar chocolate. The competition also includes flavoured chocolate bars made from chocolate couverture.

Remote judging for all products

The products for this competition will be received in our Toronto base and will then be repacked as blinded samples and sent to our panel of Canadian judges and members of our international Grand Jury to judge at home using our online judging system. Reference sets of each submission will be held at the receiving venue in case of any issue with the samples sent to judges and products will be blinded as usual.

Judging will commence once all the samples have been packed, after the deadline to receive samples of 9 October 2020. Judging will take place during October and we hope to announce the winners by the end of October.

Winners of this competition will pass through to the World Final, which will be held later in the year, with the timing depending on the ongoing situation.


This competition is open to all companies with their main base or head office in Canada, for all filled chocolates, enrobed nuts and fruits and spreads made from couverture or bean-to-bar chocolate, and for flavoured bars made from couverture. All bean-to-bar dark, milk, white plain/origin and flavoured bars will be judged for 2020 at the Americas Bean-to-Bar and Chocolatier Competition held in New York in October.


El preu de l’entrada per aquesta competició és CAD $85 i la quota per a cada entrada és CAD $65. Els preus seran convertits a moneda local per la seva companyia de targeta de crèdit, si cal.

Com inscreiure’s

Si us plau inciiï sessió o registri’s per participar en un concurs.

Si us plau llegeixi les regles dels Awards abans d’entrar.


Adreça per mostres

International Chocolate Awards
c/o Mary Luz Mejia
3314 Havenwood Drive
Mississauga, ON
L4X 2M3

Ph. (for courier use and deliveries only): 416.992.2644


Per assegurar que les seves mostres estan en les millors condicions per a la competició si us plau no les enviï abans de la data d’obertura. Per als productes frescos com ganaches, es recomana enviar l’última setmana abans de la data de tancament.

    • Obert per rebre mostres:
      – setembre 28, 2020
  • Últim dia per rebre les mostres:
    – octubre 9, 2020
  • Data de tancament online:
    – octubre 7, 2020
Quantitats de mostres

Per assegurar-nos que tenim suficients productes passi per la nostra selecció. Rondes d’avaluació del Principal i Gran Jurat, si us plau enviï les següents quantitats de cada producte que inscrigui:

    • Barres: 400g (14 ounces) pes total
  • Bombons farcits, etc: 40 peces


  • Cremes per untar: 1 jar (min 300 grams/10 ounces)


  • Xocolata desfeta: