Competition info – Cuarto Concurso Nacional de Chocolate Peruano 2018

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Cuarto Concurso Nacional de Chocolate Peruano, 2018

Location: Lima, Peru
Judging dates: July 18, 2018 – July 20, 2018


We are pleased to announce the Forth Peruvian Chocolate Competition (Cuarto Concurso Nacional de Chocolate Peruano), an outreach project of the International Chocolate Awards. We are proud that our fourth Peruvian Cacao Country Support Competition is to be held in a cacao-growing country in Latin America, cacao’s ancestral origin.

peru-salon-logo-2018The competition is being run in partnership with the Committee of the Salón del Chocolate y Cacao, a group formed by the Asociación Peruana de Productores de Cacao (APPCACAO), the country’s largest association of cacao growers, the United States Agency for International Develoment (USAID) and its operations partners Peru Cocoa Alliance (ACP) and TECHNOSERVE (TNS), the Comisión Nacional para el Desarrollo y Vida sin Drogas (DEVIDA), the Comisión de Promoción del Perú para la Exportación y el Turismo (PROMPERU), the Programa de las Naciones Unidas (PNUD), and the Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego (MINAGRI).

Sponsored by the International Chocolate Awards, the competition will be run using the International Chocolate Awards judging system and rules and will be adjudicated by members of our Grand Jury. This Cacao Country Support Competition judges bars, filled chocolates, and chocolate beverages, and it is not part of our 2018 World Final qualifying series. Designed as a self-contained National Competition, it is a prototype for world-wide contests where we will help establish objective and transparent benchmarks that contribute to the self-evaluation of emerging fine chocolate industries in cacao-growing countries.

The contest will take place in the historic city of Lima as part of the activities of the Salón del Cacao y Chocolate, Peru (July 19-22 2018) and is devoted entirely to celebrating the emergence of a fine chocolate industry in Peru, a country whose growing cacao potential and genetic diversity promises to support the development of a strong chocolate industry based on fine origin chocolate.

Full rules and categories of this competition can be downloaded here (opens PDF file).

Prizes will be awarded by the Salón del Cacao y Chocolate, Peru 2018 during an official ceremony on July 21, 7pm at the Centro de Convenciones in Lima.


Open to all Peruvian companies with their main office or headquarters located in Peru. The competition accepts entries from the following types of products: plain origin chocolate bars (dark, milk or white); flavoured bars (dark, milk or white), with infusions, inclusions, and filled; filled chocolates, and chocolate beverages.

The Cuarto Concurso Nacional de Chocolate Peruano is a Cacao Country Support Competition and not part of our World Final qualifying series of competitions. National prizes will be presented in Lima at the Salón del Cacao y Chocolate.

The admission fee for this competition is USD $25 and the fee for each entry is USD $20. Prices will be converted into local currency by your credit card company, if required.

Competition status

This competition is not currently open for entries or has passed. Please check back for future competitions.


Address for samples

Av. José Antonio Encinas N°310 – Urb. Parque de Monterrico – La Molina, Lima, Lima Ref. Campus
Camacho de la UPCH.
Atención: David Lujan Tantarico


To ensure your samples are in the best condition for the competition, please do not send for delivery before the samples opening date. For fresh products such as ganaches, you are advised to send in the last week before the closing date.

  • Open to receive samples:
    – June 15, 2018
  • Last day to receive samples:
    – July 13, 2018
  • Online closing date:
    – July 13, 2018
Sample quantities

To ensure that we have enough products go through our Selection, Main and Grand Jury judging rounds, please send the following quantities of EACH product you enter:

  • Bars: 300g total weight
  • Filled/bonbons etc: 30 pieces
  • Spreads: 200g
  • Hot chocolate: 300ml