Eastern European Competition 2018 – Winners

September 28, 2018 11:08 am by International Chocolate Awards in News @de, Results @de, Winners @de

The International Chocolate Awards is pleased to announce the Winners of our fourth Eastern European Competition, which was judged from 21 – 22 September, 2018 in Budapest, Hungary. The competition encompasses Eastern, Central and North Eastern Europe and is the first international competition to support the growing interest in fine cacao and fine chocolate making in these regions.


The judging panel was made up of member of our Grand Jury and international judges who traveled to Budapest, joined by local chefs, journalists, bloggers and chocolate specialists.



The categories judged included flavoured bars, filled chocolates and spreads and are based on yearly feedback from our entrants and in consultation with the fine chocolate industry. Plain/origin and plain milk or white bars were judged at the 2018 European Bean-to-bar Competition, which was judged May 10 – June 11, in Amsterdam. All judging is anonymised, including at the Grand Jury final session, where Golds, Silver and Bronze prizes are awarded by private voting according to the Grand Jury rules.

Awards are awarded only to entries that meet the required standard for each prize.

(Prizes are shown in alphabetical order for each medal)

Tafeln mit Geschmackszusatz

Tafeln – mit Zusatz – Einschlüsse / Stücke – dunkel

Silver: Maya Chocolate  (Hungary) – Santo Domingo 70% dark chocolate with Cognac figs & Caramelized walnuts

Tafeln – mit Zusatz – Einschlüsse / Stücke – Milchschokolade

Bronze: Gingalló Csokoládé  (Hungary) – Dominican milk chocolate with roasted malt (46%)

Tafeln – mit Zusatz – eingerührte / untergemischte Zutaten – weisse Schokolade

Silver: Gingalló Csokoládé  (Hungary) – White chocolate with lemon & elderflower

Tafeln – mit Zusatz – Einschlüsse / Stücke – weisse Schokolade

Silver: Réel Chocolate  (Serbia and Montenegro) – Salted caramel chocolate
Bronze: Passion Hand made chocolate  (Czech Republic) – Cinnamon &Tonka bean

Ganache, Taler, Ganache Pralinen, Trüffel

Gefüllte Pralinen – mit Zusatz dunkel – Ganaches und Trüffel

Bronze: Harrer Chocolat  (Hungary) – Kaffir lime levél-madagaszkári vadbors (leaves of kaffir lime-wildpepper from Madagascar) (**)
Bronze: Harrer Chocolat  (Hungary) – kakukkfű-citromnád (thymian-lemongrass) (**)

Gefüllte Pralinen – Milch mit und ohne Zusatz – Ganaches und Trüffel

Gold: chocoMe  (Hungary) – chocoMe Petit 21 – Bite-sized milk chocolate squares with Piemonte hazelnut praline and Ethiopean Harrar coffee filling
Silver: Harrer Chocolat  (Hungary) – fügefalevél (leaves of fig) (**)

Gefüllte Pralinen – gemischte Schokoladen Ummantelung / Füllung mit und ohne Zusatz – Ganaches und Trüffel

Gold: CsoKiss Manufaktura  (Hungary) – Gyulai Vadbodza bonbon / Gyulai’s Wild Elderberry bonbon
Bronze: CsoKiss Manufaktura  (Hungary) – Sós Datolya bonbon/ Salted Dates bonbon


Gefüllte Pralinen – mit Zusatz dunkel – Nuss Pralinen und Gianduja, ganze umhüllte Nüsse

Bronze: Chocomaze  (Slovakia) – CrunCHÉ oat, chia and quinoa
Bronze: Chocomaze  (Slovakia) – CrunCHÉ pecan, coconut, chia and white quinoa enrobed in 60,1% dark chocolate

Weisse Dragées, umhüllte ganze Nuss

Bronze: chocoMe  (Hungary) – chocoMe Raffinée – Sicilian almond enrobed with chocolate made of Ruby


Gefüllte Pralinen – mit Zusatz dunkel – Karamel (auch ohne Zusatz)

Gold: Chocokoo  (Estonia) – Chanterelle Bonbon
Silver: Chocolala  (Estonia) – Sea-salt caramel in dark chocolate
Silver: chocoMe  (Hungary) – chocoMe Petit 21 – Bite-sized dark chocolate squares with caramel and yuzu filling
Bronze: Bonbonier Chocolate  (Hungary) – Apple pie caramell

Sonstiges – Frucht/ Zucker /Butter / Sahne

Gefüllte Pralinen – mit Zusatz dunkel – Fruchtpasten, Gelees, ganz umhüllte Früchte, alkoholische Füllung, Fondants

Bronze: Chocolala  (Estonia) – Local black currant dark chocolate bonbon

Dunkle ganze Früchte ummantelt

Gold: Réel Chocolate  (Serbia and Montenegro) – Candied orange peel coated with dark chocolate
Silver: chocoMe  (Hungary) – chocoMe Voilé – Mango slices coated with dark chocolate
Silver: Harrer Chocolat  (Hungary) – fekete berkenye drazsé (aronia dragee) (**)

Milch ganze Früchte ummantelt

Gold: chocoMe  (Hungary) – chocoMe Raffinée – Freeze-dried blackcurrant coated with blueberry yogurt and white chocolate
Silver: Harrer Chocolat  (Hungary) – kakakóbabtöret-mangó passiógyümölcs drazsé (cacaonibs-mango passionsfruit dragee)


Aufstriche – mit Milch-Schokolade

Gold: Lyra  (Slovakia) – Spread praline
Silver: Chocolala  (Estonia) – Birch juice caramel spread
Bronze: Lyra  (Slovakia) – Spread walnut