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Competition info – Scandinavian Chocolatier Competition 2020

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Scandinavian Chocolatier Competition, 2020

Wettbewerbsort: Oslo, Norway
Datum des Wettbewerbs: Oktober 9, 2020 – Oktober 20, 2020
Teilnahmeländer: Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden

Celebrating the best in locally produced Scandinavian chocolates. The competition is open to chocolatiers and chocolate companies with their main office or headquarters in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, Iceland, Greenland and associated territories.

With consumers focusing more on buying local in these unusual COVID times, the Scandinavian Chocolatier competition is a great chance to promote chocolate as the ‚affordable luxury‘. The market for speciality food is increasing as shoppers change their spending habits and the Scandinavian competition is a great chance for recognition and promoting your products through prize wins and to raise awareness of the fine chocolate sector with consumers.

The 2020 competition will be held with the support of Sjokoladesmaking.no.

Remote judging for all products

Due to the special situation with the COVID-19 coronavirus affecting all public events, the Scandinavian Chocolatier Competition will be judged this year by remote judging only.

Products for this competition will be received at our base in Oslo and will then be repacked as blinded samples and sent to our panel of international judges and Grand Jury to judge at home using our online evaluation system.  Reference sets of each entry will be held at the receiving venue in case of any issue with the samples sent to judges and products will be blinded as usual.

Judging will commence once the samples have been packed and distributed to judges and will take place during October. Winners will be announced at the end of October.

The Scandinavian Chocolatier Competition celebrates the craft of chocolatiers and chocolate companies who create filled chocolates, truffles, ganaches, pralines, caramels, fondants, enrobed fruits and nuts, and spreads made from chocolate couverture or from the entrant’s own bean-to-bar chocolate. The competition also includes flavoured chocolate bars made from chocolate couverture, where the entrant is not the chocolate maker. (Bean-to-bar flavoured bars were judged for 2020 at the European Bean-to-bar competition).

Winners of this competition will pass through to the World Final, which will be held later in the year, with the timing depending on the ongoing COVID situation.


This competition is open to all companies with their main base or head office in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, Iceland, Greenland and associated territories for all filled chocolates, covered nuts and fruits and spreads made from bean-to-bar and couverture chocolate and for flavoured bars made from couverture, where the entrant is not the chocolate maker.

Hand deliveries of samples are accepted, but all samples must be correctly labelled and securely boxed to avoid damage.

NOTE: If you also submitted plain/origin or flavoured bean-to-bar bars to the European, Middle Eastern and African Bean-to-Bar Competition, you will not be charged an admission fee for the Scandinavian Chocolatier Competition.

Dieses ist ein Europa-regionaler bzw. länderspezifischer Wettbewerb für alle Kategorien außer Tafeln aus purer Herkunftsschokolade, bzw. Milch- und Weißer Herkunftsschokolade. Diese werden eigenständig bewertet beim Europäischen Halb-Finale in Deutschland.

Die Teilnahmegebühr für den Wettbewerb ist €55 zuzüglich €50 für jedes zu bewertende Produkt. (Eine mögliche Umrechnung in die lokale Währung erfolgt durch den Kreditkartenabrechnungsstelle – sofern nötig).

Wie man teilnehmen kann

Bitte melden Sie sich an oder registrieren Sie sich, um an dem Wettbewerb teilnehmen zu können.

Bitte lesen Sie die Teilnahmebedingungen, BEVOR Sie Ihre Produkte zur Teilnahme anmelden!


Addresse für Mustereinsendungen

International Chocolate Awards
c/o Sjokoladesmaking AS
Svein-Magnus Sørensen
Sandakerveien 101 D
0483 Oslo, Norway

Ph. (for courier use and deliveries only): +47 913 04 810


Bitte senden Sie keine Muster vor den Annahmedaten ein, damit Ihre Muster in der bestmöglichen Kondition für den Wettbewerb sind. Frische Produkte wie Ganaches, sollten Sie am besten in der letzten Woche vor Annahmeschluss einschicken.

  • Annahmedatum ab:
    September 14, 2020
  • Annahmeschluss für Muster:
    Oktober 8, 2020
  • Teilnahmeschluss:
    Oktober 6, 2020
Muster Mengen

Bitte senden Sie folgende Mengen ein, damit wir genügend Verkostungsmuster für die drei Verkostungsrunden (Auswahl, Hauptrunde und Grand Jury Runde) haben:

  • Tafeln: 400g (14 ounces) Totalgewicht
  • Pralinen: 40 Stück
  • Aufstriche: 1 jar (min 300 grams/10 ounces)