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Competition info – Italian/Mediterranean Craft Chocolatier Competition 2021-22

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Italian/Mediterranean Craft Chocolatier Competition, 2021

Wettbewerbsort: Florence, Italy
Datum des Wettbewerbs: Oktober 16, 2021 – Oktober 18, 2021
Teilnahmeländer: Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Italy, Malta, Monaco, Morocco, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates

Cacao sourcing and traceability

For 2021-22 we have relaunched our filled chocolate competitions as „Craft Chocolatier Competitions“, to celebrate and champion the chocolate makers and companies using cacao with an identifiable and traceable source.

We will now only accept chocolate in any category that has a declared and traceable source for the cacao. Couverture and blends are still acceptable, provided that the source of each cacao used is also declared. The sourcing information can either be public or declared in confidence with the Awards.

This change brings our chocolatier entries inline with our bean-to-bar competitions, and we are proud to celebrate and support the work of the growers, chocolate makers and all the supporting industries working to produce the world’s best chocolate products.

Italian/Mediterranean Craft Chocolatier Competition

The Italian/Mediterranean Chocolatier Competition brings together cultures and chocolate companies sharing the wider influence and ingredients of the Mediterranean Sea. This competition celebrates the craft of chocolatiers and chocolate companies who create filled chocolates, truffles, ganaches, pralines, caramels, fondants, enrobed fruits and nuts and spreads made from chocolate couverture or from their own bean-to-bar chocolate. The competition also includes flavoured chocolate bars made from chocolate couverture.

Bean-to-bar chocolate makers of plain/origin and flavored bars can participate to the European, Middle Eastern and African Bean-to-Bar Competition, which will take place from October 2021 – January 2021 and will be coordinated in Hannover, Germany, with our partner Chocolats-de-luxe.de.

Winners of the Italian/Mediterranean competition will pass through to the World Final, which will be held April – May 2022.


The Italian/Mediterranean Awards Ceremony will be held in Florence in at the end of November 2021, details to follow soon.


This competition judges flavoured and filled bars made from chocolate couverture and truffles, ganaches, pralines, caramels, fondants, enrobed fruits and nuts, and spreads made from chocolate couverture or bean-to-bar chocolate.

The competition is open to all companies with their main business or head office in the countries listed, including all Middle Eastern and African companies.

All chocolate used in all entries in this competition must be made from cacao with a declared and traceable source. Details of the source must be provided when entering each product and will remain confidential. For products made with couverture, details must be obtained from the chocolate maker.

Restaurants, hotels, and chefs may enter provided their products follow the normal rules of the International Chocolate Awards and our available to consumers as part of as a hospitality service.

Dieses ist ein Europa-regionaler bzw. länderspezifischer Wettbewerb für alle Kategorien außer Tafeln aus purer Herkunftsschokolade, bzw. Milch- und Weißer Herkunftsschokolade. Diese werden eigenständig bewertet beim Europäischen Halb-Finale in Deutschland.

Die Teilnahmegebühr für den Wettbewerb ist €50 zuzüglich €50 für jedes zu bewertende Produkt. (Eine mögliche Umrechnung in die lokale Währung erfolgt durch den Kreditkartenabrechnungsstelle – sofern nötig).

Stand/Status Wettbewerb

Dieser Wettbewerb ist noch nicht oder nicht mehr geöffnet.


Addresse für Mustereinsendungen

Per International Chocolate Awards IT/MED Competition
Att.ne Monica Meschini
Via Faenza 48
50123 Firenze


Bitte senden Sie keine Muster vor den Annahmedaten ein, damit Ihre Muster in der bestmöglichen Kondition für den Wettbewerb sind. Frische Produkte wie Ganaches, sollten Sie am besten in der letzten Woche vor Annahmeschluss einschicken.

  • Annahmedatum ab:
    Oktober 4, 2021
  • Annahmeschluss für Muster:
    Oktober 15, 2021
  • Teilnahmeschluss:
    Oktober 15, 2021
Muster Mengen

Bitte senden Sie folgende Mengen ein, damit wir genügend Verkostungsmuster für die drei Verkostungsrunden (Auswahl, Hauptrunde und Grand Jury Runde) haben:

  • Tafeln: 400gr (10 ounces) total weight per product Totalgewicht
  • Pralinen: 40 pieces per product Stück
  • Aufstriche: 1 jar (min 300 grams/10 ounces) per product