Canadian National Competition 2012 – winners

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The International Chocolate Awards is pleased to reveal the winners of the Canadian National Competition, which took place in Vancouver, 16-17 September at the studios of Vancouver Live Sound. Nearly 100 entries were received for this round, with a fantastic selection of local and international flavours submitted.

The International Chocolate Awards is a new competition set up to recognise the best fine quality chocolate from around the world. The awards are designed to reflect international tastes and offer a level playing field for international entries. The judging panel is made up of experts, food journalists and pastry chefs from the host country, overseen by a Grand Jury who travel to each competition.


The categories, which range from flavoured bars to filled chocolates to spreads, are designed to reflect the current chocolate industry. Prizes are separated according to category, with just one Gold awarded in each category and a number of Silver awards available.

World finalists have also been indicated, these are products which have achieved a highly commended and will also be invited to enter the judging of the World Final in October 2012 in London, along with the medal winners.

The Winners and World Finalists of the 2012 Canadian National Competition are:


Bars – Flavoured dark chocolate

World Finalists

Beanpod – Fernie Lavender Bar, 70% Dark infused with Salt Spring Island Lavender

Bars – Flavoured milk chocolate

Overall winners

SILVER: Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France – Almond, Fleur De Sel & Coconut Mini Bar

World Finalists

Cococo Chocolatiers Inc. – Habanero Sea Salt Thyme And Rosemary Milk Chocolate Bar

Christophe Morel Chocolatier – Salted Caramel And Crumble Gianduja Bar

Filled chocolates – unflavoured dark

Unflavoured dark – Ganaches and truffles

Overall winners

GOLD: Christophe Morel Chocolatier – Palet Or Chuao

Nut based pralines

(No flavour other than nut)

Overall winners

SILVER: Christophe Morel Chocolatier – Hazelnut Praline

Filled chocolates – flavoured dark

Flavoured dark – Ganaches and truffles

Overall winners

GOLD: Beta5 – Olive Oil

SILVER: Beta5 – Banana

SILVER: Gem Chocolates – Berry Blue

World Finalists

Christophe Morel Chocolatier – Green Tea Chanson Du Nord

Flavoured dark – Nut based pralines and gianduja

Overall winners

SILVER: Beta5 – Crispy Praline

Flavoured dark – Caramels

World Finalists

Beta5 – Salted Caramels

Fruit pastes, jellies/gelée, enrobed whole fruits

No awards given

Filled chocolates – milk (flavoured or unflavoured)

Milk – Ganaches and truffles

Overall winners

GOLD: Beta5 – Imperial Stout

SILVER: Christophe Morel Chocolatier – Milk Ganache And Milk Jam

Milk – Nut based pralines and gianduja

Overall winners

GOLD: Christophe Morel Chocolatier – Gianduja

Milk – Caramels

(Iincluding plain caramels)

SILVER: Wendy Boys Chocolates – Vanilla Salt Caramels With Peanut Butter & Milk Chocolate Crunch


Spreads with dark chocolate

No awards given

Spreads with milk chocolate

No awards given