German/Austrian/Swiss Winners 2016

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The International Chocolate Awards is pleased to announce the Winners of the German, Austrian and Swiss Competition (DACH). The competition was held for the third time from 28 April-1 May 2016 at our regional partner, in Hannover.

The award ceremony will take place in September 2016 at the Schokoladen-Gourmet-Festival (Chocolate Gourmet Festival) in Hannover.


The judging panel was made up of pastry chefs, journalists, restaurant reviewers, bloggers, culinary educators and chefs, as well as members of our Grand Jury.


The entry categories included flavoured chocolate bars, filled chocolates and spreads, and are based on yearly feedback from our entrants and in consultation with the fine chocolate industry. All judging is anonymised, including at the Grand Jury final session, where Golds, Silver and Bronze prizes are awarded by private voting according to the Grand Jury rules.

Awards are awarded only to entries that meet the required standard for each prize.

(Prizes are shown in alphabetical order for each medal)

Barras con sabor

Barras de chocolate negro con infusiones o polvos

Gold: Trüffel Güse  (Germany) – Grand Cru Zartbitter, 65 %, mit Carolina-Reaper Chili und Mango

Bronze: Karin Ebelsberger  (Germany) – Beni Kaffee Schokolade

Barras de chocolate negro con inclusiones o piezas

Gold: Trüffel Güse  (Germany) – 65 %, mit Bird Eye Chili und gerösteten, gesalzenen Erdnüssen

Silver: Trüffel Güse  (Germany) – 65 %, mit Habanero Chili und leicht süßen Sauerkirschen

Bronze: Schokov  (Austria) – Schokov Organic No5 «Chili & Himbeere»

Barras de chocolate negro con un relleno

Gold: Clement  (Germany) – Single Malt Whisky Schokolade

Silver: Schell Schokoladen  (Germany) – Gefüllte Whiskyschokolade

Bronze: Clement  (Germany) – Bratapfel Marzipan Schokolade

Barras de chocolate con leche con infusiones o polvos

Bronze: Casa Nobile  (Switzerland) – Milk chocolatebar with lemon

Barras de chocolate con leche con inclusiones o piezas

Bronze: Evers & Tochter Manufaktur  (Germany) – Vollmichschokolade mit Trüffelsalz

Barras de chocolate con leche con un relleno

Gold: Clement  (Germany) – Jamaika Rum Schokolade

Silver: Clement  (Germany) – Zirben Schokolade

Silver: Trüffel Güse  (Germany) – 40 %, gefüllt mit einem Ganache aus Sizilianischer Blutorange

Bronze: Clement  (Germany) – Slyrs Whiskyliqueur Schokolade

Bronze: Clement  (Germany) – Spekulatius Nougat Schokolade

Bronze: Konditorei Johannes Pernsteiner  (Germany) – Ingwer Trüffel Schokolade

Bronze: Konditorei Johannes Pernsteiner  (Germany) – Rum Trüffel Schokolade

Barras de chocolate blanco con sabores

Silver: Trüffel Box handgemachte Pralinen  (Germany) – Weiße Schokolade mit Curry Kürbiskerne

Bronze: Casa Nobile  (Switzerland) – White chocolatebar with cranberries, pistachios & cocoa bits

Bronze: Kilian & Close  (Germany) – 30% Pistacchio Di Bronte

Ganaches, palets, ganaches pralinés y trufas

Ganaches o trufas de chocolate negro sin sabor

Silver: Andreas Muschler  (Germany) – Emelie

Bronze: Clement  (Germany) – Grand Cru Arriba 72% Truffe

Bronze: Timo A. Meyer  (Germany) – Palet d’or

Ganaches o trufas de chocolate negro

Gold: Casa Nobile  (Switzerland) – Negroni Praline

Silver: Casa Nobile  (Switzerland) – Absinth coffee praline

Bronze: Casa Nobile  (Switzerland) – Praline Rose melissa

Bronze: Clement  (Germany) – Whisky Truffe

Bronze: Harrerchocolat  (Austria) – Calamansi Gingerpraline

Ganaches o trufas de chocolate con leche

Gold: Andreas Muschler  (Germany) – Mogador

Silver: Harrerchocolat  (Austria) – Grapefruit praline

Silver: Meisterwerk Chocolaterie – runde Schokolade  (Germany) – Vollmilch Praline Gin mit einem Hauch Himbeer-Rosé

Bronze: Casa Nobile  (Switzerland) – Mountain hey milk praline

Ganaches o trufas de chocolate blanco

Gold: Casa Nobile  (Switzerland) – Praline Tropicana

Ganaches o trufas utilizando cobertura o relleno negro / con leche

Silver: Andreas Muschler  (Germany) – Coco

Silver: Andreas Muschler  (Germany) – Sophie

Bronze: Andreas Muschler  (Germany) – Caramel y sel

Bronze: Clement  (Germany) – Doppelbock Truffe

Bronze: Clement  (Germany) – Pfirisch Joghurt Nougat


Bombones de nuez con base de chocolate negro (chocotejas)

Bronze: Sawade Berlin  (Germany) – Pastetenkonfekt

Mazapán recubierto de chocolate con leche

Bronze: Sawade Berlin  (Germany) – Walnuss auf Weinbrandmarzipan

Bombones de nuez con base de chocolate blanco

Silver: Confiserie Mélanie  (Germany) – Gesalzene Erdnuss

Nueces enteras revestidas con chocolate blanco (grajeas)

Bronze: Schell Schokoladen  (Germany) – Zitronennüsschen


Caramelos revestidos de chocolate negro

Bronze: Casa Nobile  (Switzerland) – 1001 Night Caramel

Bronze: kettler Schokolade  (Germany) – Bierkaramell

Bronze: kettler Schokolade  (Germany) – Orangenkaramell

Caramelos revestidos de chocolate con leche

Bronze: kettler Schokolade  (Germany) – Quittenkaramell

Cremas para untar

Cremas para untar de chocolate negro (sin leche en polvo)

Gold: beckscocoa  (Germany) – Schokohaselnusscreme

(*)  Declared chocolate maker for private label bars.

(**) Winner has declared the product is made with their own bean-to-bar chocolate or couverture.