2019 Calendar

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The International Chocolate Awards in 2019

As the International Chocolate Awards enters its eighth year, we’re pleased to announce another great calendar of bean-to-bar competitions and regional and national chocolatier competitions, leading up to our prestigious World Final in October and World Final Ceremony in November. We’re also proud to continue our Growing Country Support competitions in Peru and Central America.

Dates and locations for some competitions are still being confirmed, so please check our site regularly to make sure you don’t miss your regional competition.

2019 Calendar

  • Italian/Mediterranean Chocolatier Competition
      – March 8–12, Florence, Italy
  • Eastern European Chocolatier Competition
      – March 8–12, Florence, Italy. Judging is combined with the Italian/Mediterranean competition.
  • French Chocolatier Competition
    – April 5–8, Paris, France
  • Benelux Chocolatier Competition
     – April 5–8, Paris, France, judged with French competition.
  • D-A-CH – German/Austrian/Swiss Chocolatier Competition
      – Late April–early May, date to be confirmed, Hannover, Germany
  • Americas Competition
    – Late May–early June, date and venue to be confirmed, New York, USA
  • British Chocolatier Competition
      – May London, UK
  • European Bean-to-bar Competition
    – June 12–16, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Scandinavian Chocolatier Competition
    – June 12–16, Copenhagen, Denmark, judged with European competition.
  • Asia-Pacific Remote judging
      – August/September, date to be confirmed, Taiwan
  • Perú Competition (Support Competition)
      – July 11–14, Lima, Peru
  • Asia-Pacific Competition
      – End August – early September, date and venue to be confirmed, Taiwan
  • Canadian Chocolatier Competition
      – September date to be confirmed, Toronto, Canada
  • World Final
      – October 7–12, Florence, Italy
  • Central America Competition (Support Competition)
      – Early November, date to be confirmed, Guatemala City

All winners of this year’s regional chocolatier and national competitions will be eligible to take part in the World Final, in October.

Entering the Awards

For more details and to enter the International Chocolate Awards, please visit our site at www.internationalchocolateawards.com/enter/


For details of judging, please log back into our website or contact us at info@internationalchocolateawards.com

Best wishes for 2019.