Judges – World Final 2014

As part of our commitment to transparency, we publish the names of the judges for each competition. (If judges opt-in for their names to be made public.)

Each competition is judged by a panel of experts, food journalists, sommeliers and pastry chefs, including the names listed below. The competition is overseen by members of our international Grand Jury, who travel to each competition.

We would like to thank our judges for their hard work, including any who chose for their names not to be listed. You can find the full list of winners for this competition in our ‘Rounds & results’ section.

Thorald Abramowski (Germany), thorsoft / mixed-pixel

Nic Belfrage (United Kingdom), Editor, Essentially Catering, essentiallycatering

Cat Black (United Kingdom), Food Writer, Food writer

Ana Maria Catuneanu (United Kingdom), MD- Clincal and Research Fellow in Gastroenterology, Oxford University Hospitals

Tracy Chapman (United Kingdom), Chocolate Voyage

May Chong (United Kingdom), Eat Cook Explore, EatCookExplore

L Nitin Chordia (India), Cocoatrait,

Martin Christy (United Kingdom), Seventy%, Permanent Grand Jury

Natasha Collins (United Kingdom), Nevie Pie Cakes,

Sheena Correa (United Kingdom), H Bauer Deputy Editor Cookery titles

Anjul Dutt (United Kingdom), Food Journalist

Jennifer Earle (United Kingdom), Chocolate Ecstasy Tours, Chocolate Ecstasy Tours

Nadine Fricker (United Kingdom), Accent…on speaking the same language

Graham Garrett (United Kingdom), The West House Restaurant Chef/Owner

George Gensler (United States), Manhattan Chocolate Society, Permanent Grand Jury

Nancy Gilchrist (United Kingdom), Master of Wine

Charlotte Jones (United Kingdom), UK Glam Food & Lifestyle Editor, Mode Media UK


Jeffrey Lee (Hong Kong), Cult de Choco Ltd. / Director, Cult de Choco

Judith Lewis (United Kingdom), Mostly About Chocolate, Mostly About Chocolate

Antonio Liccardo (Italy), Pasticciere

Jenny Linford (United Kingdom), Food Writer

Bostjan Makarovic (United Kingdom), Aphaia

Rachel McCormack (United Kingdom), Catalan Cooking, catalancooking

Lee McCoy (United Kingdom), Chocolate Reviews, Chocolate Reviews

Sue McMahon (United Kingdom), Freelance Cookery Editor (Woman’s Weekly Specials)

Monica Meschini (Italy), Chocolate/Tea Taster, Sommelier, Permanent Grand Jury

Susannah Millen (United Kingdom), Editor, Confectionery Production

Marianne Parry (United Kingdom), Chocolate Enthususiast, Doctor, Artist

Zoe Perrett (United Kingdom), Food writer

Steven Pierce (United Kingdom), Food writer

Maricel Presilla (United States), Chef, Restaurateur, Author, Permanent Grand Jury

Marco Sala (Italy), chocolate taster 1st level

Kanako Satsutani (Japan), Tomoé Saveur / Fine Chocolate Distributor, Chocolate Expert, Tomoé Saveur

Michaela Schupp (Partner) (Germany), GmbH, Permanent Grand Jury

Michael Segal (United Kingdom), International Cocoa Organization / Information and Media Officer, International Cocoa Organization

Rachel Sellers (United Kingdom), Marketing

Sarah Shattuck (United Kingdom), Fortnum & Mason, Assistant Chocolate Buyer

Sejal Sukhadwala (United Kingdom), Freelance Food Journalist

Viesha Tews (United Kingdom), Seventy%

Frank Jaak Vanbockryck (Belgium), Level 1 Chocolate Taster + Student Chocolatier

Terese Weiss (Denmark), Interpreter / Chocolate Educator

Qin Xie (United Kingdom), Freelance journalist