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DACH Chocolatier Competition 2019 – Grand Jury Finalists

juillet 4, 2019 3:00 by International Chocolate Awards in Finalists

The International Chocolate Awards is pleased to announce the Grand Jury Finalists of the German, Austrian and Swiss Competition (DACH), The competition was held from 16–18 May 2019, with our regional partner chocolats-de-luxe.de, in Hannover, Germany.

The judging panel was made up of pastry chefs, journalists, restaurant reviewers, bloggers, culinary educators and chefs, as well as members of our Grand Jury.

The Grand Jury Finalists are the entries that made it through to the final Grand Jury round, following an initial technical Selection round and two days of Main round judging. The Finalists are the nominations from which the Grand Jury select the prize winners, through private voting. The Grand Jury follow strict rules, which you can read here (PDF).

While listing as a Grand Jury Finalist is an achievement in itself, it does not necessarily indicate that the entry will receive a prize.

The 2019 German/Austrian/Swiss Grand Jury Finalists are:

(In alphabetical order within each category)

Tablettes Aromatisées

Tablettes de chocolat noir avec infusion ou arôme

Schokov (Austria) – Schokov Organic No12 Lavendel & Anis
Evers & Tochter Manufaktur (Germany) – Dark chocolate with liquorice and salt

Tablettes de chocolat noir avec inclusions ou morceaux

chocolate valley (Germany) – Bitterkuvertüre Walnuss Rosmarin Crunch
Schokov (Austria) – Schokov Organic No2 Pistazie & Kakaonibs
Schokov (Austria) – Schokov Organic No10 Wacholder & Tanne
Casa Nobile (Switzerland) – Peperone Crusco

Tablettes de chocolat noir avec fourrage

Daja Chocolate (Germany) – Zartbitter Mousse Tafel

Tablettes de chocolat au lait avec infusion ou arôme

Evers & Tochter Manufaktur (Germany) – Milk chocolate with dark truffle/salt

Tablettes de chocolat au lait avec inclusions ou morceaux

Anna Reckmann Pâtisserie – Chocolaterie (Germany) – Tassibe
Volcano (Germany) – Etna
Evers & Tochter Manufaktur (Germany) – Milk Chocolate with salty roasted almonds
Evers & Tochter Manufaktur (Germany) – Milk chocolate with caramel and sea salt

Tablettes de chocolat blanc aromatisées avec infusion ou arôme

Chokumi (Germany) – Rote Bete | Himbeere | Thymian

Tablettes de chocolat blanc avec inclusions ou morceaux

Casa Nobile (Switzerland) – Blondie Tafelschokolade
Birgit Heel Pralinenschule & Manufaktur (Germany) – Mango-Maracuja-Cocos Schokolade

Ganaches, palets, pralines avec ganache, truffes

Ganaches ou truffes de chocolat noir aromatisées

Chokumi (Germany) – Yuzu | Erdnuss by Christian Bau
Anna Reckmann Pâtisserie – Chocolaterie (Germany) – Praline Kalamataolive
Zart Pralinen Chocolate Makers (Austria) – Grapefruit
Zart Pralinen Chocolate Makers (Austria) – Rye Whisky
Zart Pralinen Chocolate Makers (Austria) – Beetroot Hibiscus
Andreas Muschler (Germany) – ´Emelie ´
Andreas Muschler (Germany) – ´Ines ´
Birgit Heel Pralinenschule & Manufaktur (Germany) – Mango-Balsamico-Praline Vegan
Anna Reckmann Pâtisserie – Chocolaterie (Germany) – Praline Cassis

Ganaches ou truffes au chocolat au lait

Chokumi (Germany) – Kings Whiskey-Nuggets
Zart Pralinen Chocolate Makers (Austria) – Honey & Salt
Andreas Muschler (Germany) – ´caramel y sel ´
Andreas Muschler (Germany) – ´Mogador ´

Ganaches ou truffes au chocolat blanc

chocolate valley (Germany) – Tahiti Vanille Karamell
Trüffel Güse GmbH (Germany) – Golden vanilla
Birgit Heel Pralinenschule & Manufaktur (Germany) – Passionsfurcht-Praline

Ganaches ou truffes utilisant du chocolat noir/au lait/blanc pour l’enrobage et la garniture

chocolate valley (Germany) – Tahiti Vanille Ganache
Daja Chocolate (Germany) – Limette-Koriander Praline

Fruits secs

Praliné au chocolat noir

Sawade Berlin (Germany) – Walnuss auf Weinbrandmarzipan
Casa Nobile (Switzerland) – Alibabas Traum

Chocolat noir gianduiotto / cremino

Sawade Berlin (Germany) – Königin Luise Praline
Das Bernsteinzimmer (Germany) – Dark Mount π & Tonka
Edelmond (Germany) – Edelmond Nougat Praliné

Massepain enrobé de chocolat noir

Edelmond (Germany) – Edelmond Himbeer Honig Praliné
Das Bernsteinzimmer (Germany) – Earl Green / Matcha, Bergamotte, Lemon

Dragées/ fruits secs entiers enrobés au chocolat noir

Edelmond (Germany) – Edelmond Schokolierte Kaffeebohne

Praliné au chocolat lait

Das Bernsteinzimmer (Germany) – MaplePecan Nougat
Birgit Heel Pralinenschule & Manufaktur (Germany) – Haselnusspraline Vegan Bio


Caramels enrobés de chocolat noir

Casa Nobile (Switzerland) – Salzkaramell & Dschungelerdnuss Praline
Casa Nobile (Switzerland) – Caramello « Old Deer »
Anna Reckmann Pâtisserie – Chocolaterie (Germany) – Praline Muskovadokaramell

Autres – fruits / sucre / beurre / crème

Fruits entiers enrobés de chocolat noir

Andreas Muschler (Germany) – ´Orangeatstäbchen ´

Pâte à tartiner

Pâtes à tartiner au chocolat noir (sans poudre de lait)

Cocoa experiment (Germany) – drei Haselnüsse für…

Pâtes à tartiner au chocolat au lait

Chokumi (Germany) – Schokoladiges Karamell

Pâte à tartiner lait

Pâtes à tartiner au chocolat blanc

Chokumi (Germany) – Pistazie