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Canadian Chocolatier Competition 2020 – Winners

novembre 10, 2020 8:33 by International Chocolate Awards in Winners

The International Chocolate Awards is pleased to announce the Winners of the 2020 Canadian Chocolatier Competition, which was judged by our panel of British judges and Grand Jury working with remote judging.

The Competition celebrates the craft of chocolatiers and chocolate companies who create filled chocolates, truffles, ganaches, caramels, fondants, enrobed fruits and nuts, and spreads made from chocolate couverture or from their own bean-to-bar chocolate and includes flavoured chocolate bars made from chocolate couverture.


The judging panel included regular Canadian judges, along with pastry chefs, journalists, specialists and members of our international judging panel and Grand Jury.


The entry categories included flavoured chocolate bars, filled chocolates and spreads and are based on yearly feedback from our entrants and in consultation with the fine chocolate industry. All judging is anonymised, including at the Grand Jury final session, where Golds, Silver and Bronze prizes are awarded by private voting according to the Grand Jury rules.

Awards are given only to entries that meet the required standard for each prize. Winners of the competition go forward to to the World Final.

Please note: This is a temporary posting of the winners. A full post including a list of judges and Grand Jurors will be published shortly, including scores compiled using our new judging system.

(Prizes are shown in alphabetical order for each medal)

Tablettes Aromatisées

Tablettes de chocolat noir avec infusion ou arôme

Gold: Centre and Main Chocolate Co.  (Canada) – Preserved Lemon & Winter Savory

+ Special: Gastronomic

Tablettes de chocolat noir avec inclusions ou morceaux

Silver: Etat de Choc  (Canada) – Passion

+ Special: Innovation

Tablettes de chocolat noir avec fourrage

Silver: Etat de Choc  (Canada) – Noisettes, Chocolat Noir & Sarrasin

Tablettes de chocolat au lait avec infusion ou arôme

Gold: Etat de Choc  (Canada) – Cari

Tablettes de chocolat au lait avec inclusions ou morceaux

Gold: Those Chocolates  (Canada) – Bullrider

Silver: Guild Chocolates  (Canada) – Earl Grey + Bergamot Pate de Fruit Bar

Tablettes de chocolat blanc aromatisées avec infusion ou arôme

Bronze: Guild Chocolates  (Canada) – Black Currant Bar

Tablettes de chocolat blanc avec inclusions ou morceaux

Gold: Centre and Main Chocolate Co.  (Canada) – Caramel Apple

+ Special: Local ingredients

Silver: QUEST XO CHOCOLATE  (Canada) – Citrus Poppy Seed Bar

Ganaches, palets, pralines avec ganache, truffes

Ganaches ou truffes au chocolat au lait

Silver: Karat Chocolate  (Canada) – PB & J

Ganaches ou truffes utilisant du chocolat noir/au lait/blanc pour l’enrobage et la garniture

Gold: Guild Chocolates  (Canada) – Passion Fruit + Praline Bonbon

Silver: Guild Chocolates  (Canada) – Black Currant Bonbon

Silver: Guild Chocolates  (Canada) – FruiTea Bonbon

+ Special: Innovation

Silver: Inspiration Chocolates  (Canada) – Strawberry-Rhubarb Licorice

Bronze: Guild Chocolates  (Canada) – Lady Earl Grey Bonbon

Fruits secs

Praliné au chocolat lait

Gold: Karat Chocolate  (Canada) – Cafe au CoCo

+ Special: Local ingredients

Massepain enrobé de chocolat lait …

Silver: Guild Chocolates  (Canada) – Fruity Hibiscus Bonbon

(*)  Declared chocolate maker for private label bars.

(**) Winner has declared the product is made with their own bean-to-bar chocolate or couverture.