Peru Competition 2022 – Winners

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The International Chocolate Awards is pleased to announce the winners of the Séptimo Concurso Nacional de Chocolate Peruano. The prize ceremony took place on July 17, as a hybrid, virtual and in-person, ceremony at the Hilton Hotel in Miraflores.

This competition was held in Peru during June, 2022, organized and conducted by the International Chocolate Awards in collaboration with the « Comité Organizador del Salón de Cacao y Chocolate. » This group is composed by the following associations: Peruvian Association of Cacao Producers (APPCACAO), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and its operating partners Alianza Cacao Perú (ACP), the National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs (DEVIDA), the Peruvian Promotion Commission for Export and Tourism (PROMPERU), the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR), the Ministry of Production (Produce), the United Nations Program (UNDP) and the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (MIDAGRI).

The objective of events of this nature is to recognize and reward excellence in the elaboration of fine chocolates and derived products; and uses protocols already validated by a committee of international experts, which guarantee independence, transparency and speed in evaluations during the execution of the competition.


The competition was part of the 13th edition of the 2022 Salón de Cacao y Chocolate which operated with a “mixed format” (virtual-and in-person). The use of the digital platform has been vital to carry out the International Chocolate Awards online evaluation system and protocol for national and international judges in the difficult times of the pandemic and our prize ceremony. The judging panel included food writers, cacao and chocolate experts, journalists, and chocolate tasters from Europe, Peru and the US and members of our international Grand Jury panel.

The judges have diligently worked remotely testing and evaluating anonymous chocolate samples in various categories from all over Peru. In this context, this sixth contest was executed taking into account the International Chocolate Awards Protocols and its online system (although it is not part of its World Series). It should be noted that it is the first cooperation project of the International Chocolate Awards with a cacao-producing country and it is defined as a Cacao Country Support Competition.

The objectives of the present contest have been to support excellence, generate competition, give added value to fine Peruvian cacao by recognizing high-quality chocolates and derived products, promote sustainable businesses and increase chocolate consumption in the national market.


Sponsored by the International Chocolate Awards, the competition used the International Chocolate Awards judging system and rules and was adjudicated by members of our Grand Jury. This Cacao Country Support Competition judged bars, filled chocolates, and chocolate beverages, and it is not part of our 2022-23 World Final qualifying series.

** Bean-to-bar chocolatier products – recognising the growing trend of flavoured bars and filled chocolate made by chocolate makers, winning products made with an entrant’s own chocolate are marked with (**).

Prizes were awarded by the Salón del Cacao y Chocolate, Peru 2022 during an official Ceremony on 17 July, 2022 at the Hilton Hotel in Miraflores.

(Prizes are shown in alphabetical order for each medal)

‘Best in competition’ overall winners

Plain/origin dark bar categories

Gold: Pumatiy  (Peru) – 70 % Chuncho Blanco – Echarati

Plain/origin milk bar categories

Gold: Juan Laura- The Chocolate Farmer  (Peru) – Special Selection Chuncho Pichari 50%

Tablettes D’Origine/Noir

Tablettes de chocolat noir nature/d’origine

Gold: Cacaosuyo  (Peru) – Piura Select

+ Gold: Direct Traded

Gold: Maraná  (Peru) – Cusco Dark 70% – Chuncho

+ Gold: Direct Traded

+ Gold: Organic

Silver: Barberis  (Peru) – Dark Chocolate 80% Cacao

Silver: Cacaosuyo  (Peru) – Chuncho – Cuzco

Silver: Cacaosuyo  (Peru) – Cuzco 80

Silver: Cacaosuyo  (Peru) – Lakuna

Silver: Maraná  (Peru) – Piura Dark 70% – Blanco

Silver: Maraná  (Peru) – San Martin Dark 70% – Amazonico

Silver: Taski  (Peru) – 70% Cacao Chuncho

Bronze: Cacaosuyo  (Peru) – Rupa Rupa

Bronze: Milan Peruvian Chocolates  (Peru) – Chocolate Dark 75%

Bronze: Milan Peruvian Chocolates  (Peru) – Dark 70% Cacao

Bronze: Tribar Craft Chocolate  (Peru) – Chocolate Dark 70% Piura ( * chocolateria artesanal amazonica s.a.c)

Micro-batch – Tablettes de chocolat noir nature/d’origine

Gold: Pumatiy  (Peru) – 70 % Chuncho Blanco – Echarati

+ Gold: Direct Traded

Silver: Bakáu  (Peru) – Cusco 72% Cacao Chuncho

Silver: Cacaosuyo  (Peru) – Poshiniri

Silver: Choco Maravillas  (Peru) – 60 % Cacao

Silver: Chocolates Kareena  (Peru) – 75% Cacao  » La Heredera « 

Silver: Chocolates Kareena  (Peru) – 85% Cacao  » La Pareja -Piura « 

+ Gold: High %

Silver: Finacao  (Peru) – Finacao 100%

Silver: Juan Laura- The Chocolate Farmer  (Peru) – Special Selection Chuncho Pichari 79%

Silver: Juan Laura- The Chocolate Farmer  (Peru) – Special Selection JL 2 (70% Cacao)

Silver: Juan Laura- The Chocolate Farmer  (Peru) – Special Selection Vrae 99 (70% Cacao)

Silver: k’piros  (Peru) – 80% Cacao Chuncho

Silver: Kontiti Historia, Arte y Chocolate  (Peru) – Chocolate 100% Bitter Chuncho Premium

Silver: Kontiti Historia, Arte y Chocolate  (Peru) – Chocolate 70% Chuncho Blended Con Panela

Silver: Magia Piura  (Peru) – Magia Piura 72%

Silver: Nativcao  (Peru) – 100% Pasta Pura (Chuncho)

+ Gold: 100%

Silver: Piri Piris  (Peru) – Chocolate 70% Cacao

Silver: Santa Cacao  (Peru) – 60% Cacao

Silver: Scrap & Chocolates  (Peru) – La Quemazón – Dark 70% cacao

Silver: Scrap & Chocolates  (Peru) – Platanal Bajo – Dark 70% cacao

Silver: Tsinane  (Peru) – Dark 70%

Silver: Tsinane  (Peru) – Dark 75%

Silver: Tsinane  (Peru) – Dark 80%

Silver: Ura Chocolates  (Peru) – Dark 70% Cuzco – Quellouno

Silver: Ura Chocolates  (Peru) – Dark 70% Cuzco – Quesquento

Silver: Ura Chocolates  (Peru) – Dark 70% Vraem 99 Cuzco-Pichari

Silver: Walluyki  (Peru) – 60% Cacao

Bronze: Awki  (Peru) – Chocolate Puro al 100% Cacao

Bronze: Bakáu  (Peru) – Chocolate Piura 72% Cacao Gran Blanco

Bronze: Cacaosuyo  (Peru) – Goose

Bronze: Cheema  (Peru) – 70% Cacao Chuncho – Kumpirushiato

Bronze: Chocolates Amyra  (Peru) – Chocolate 70% cacao blanco de Piura

Bronze: Inka’Kaw  (Peru) – Chocolate oscuro 80% cacao chuncho

Bronze: Inka’Kaw  (Peru) – Chocolate Oscuro 90% Cacao Chuncho

Bronze: Kemito Ene  (Peru) – 70% Cacao

Bronze: Rosmery Chocolates  (Peru) – Tableta de Origen

Bronze: Shattell Chocolate  (Peru) – Chocolate 85% cacao Chuncho

Bronze: Tsinane  (Peru) – Dark 60%

Tablettes de chocolat au lait nature/d’origine

Gold: Cacaosuyo  (Peru) – Piura Milk

+ Gold: Direct Traded

Silver: Maraná  (Peru) – Maraná Bites – Milk 50%

Micro-batch – Tablettes de chocolat au lait nature/d’origine

Gold: Juan Laura- The Chocolate Farmer  (Peru) – Special Selection Chuncho Pichari 50%

+ Gold: Direct Traded

Silver: Barberis  (Peru) – Chocolate de Leche 40% de Cacao

Silver: Chocolates Kareena  (Peru) – 50% Cacao Milk  » Las Lomas « 

Silver: Chocolates Kareena  (Peru) – 60% Cacao Dark Milk La Pareja

Silver: Chocolates Miroshnik  (Peru) – 52% Cacao Vrae99 Con Leche

Silver: Magia Piura  (Peru) – Magia Piura Milk 49%

Silver: Mito Chocolate  (Peru) – Chocolate 58% Cacao Y Leche – Lagunas

Bronze: Inka’Kaw  (Peru) – Chocolate Con Leche 55% Cacao Chuncho

Bronze: Mikeila  (Peru) – Leche 55%

Bronze: Royal Raymi  (Peru) – Chocolate Con Leche Kawaii

Tablettes de chocolat alternative

Bronze: Evand’s  (United Kingdom) – Chocolate 70% Endulzado Con Yacon

Tablettes Aromatisées

Tablettes de chocolat noir avec infusion ou arôme

Gold: Bakáu  (Peru) – Chocolate con Café 65% (**)

+ Special: Ingredients

Silver: Finacao  (Peru) – 60% Chocolate Con Café

+ Special: Local ingredients

Silver: Inkao Perú  (Peru) – Chocolate Menta al 70% Pacha- Apurimac (**)

Silver: Magia Piura  (Peru) – 72% – Hierba Luisa (**)

Silver: Piri Piris  (Peru) – Chocolate 60% Cacao Con Camu Camu (**)

+ Special: Local ingredients

Silver: Pumatiy  (Peru) – 70 % Chuncho – Sal Maras (**)

Bronze: Chocolates Kareena  (Peru) – 72% Cacao Con Café – Puerta Pulache (**)

Bronze: Kontiti Historia, Arte y Chocolate  (Peru) – Chocolate Jengibre 65% Bitter (**)

Tablettes de chocolat noir avec inclusions ou morceaux

Gold: Magia Piura  (Peru) – 75% Mucílago (**)

+ Special: Biome

+ Special: Local ingredients

Silver: Awki  (Peru) – Awki Chocolate bitter al 70% Arandano (**)

Silver: Bakáu  (Peru) – Chocolate con Aguaymanto 65% (**)

Silver: Bakáu  (Peru) – Chocolate con Macambo 70% (**)

+ Special: Alternate theobromas

Silver: Cacaosuyo  (Peru) – Piura Nibs (**)

Silver: Chocolates Miroshnik  (Peru) – 70% Cacao Chuncho Con Nibs (**)

Silver: Magia Piura  (Peru) – 72% – Plátano (**)

+ Special: Innovation

Bronze: Bakáu  (Peru) – Chocolate con Maca 68% (**)

Bronze: Inka’Kaw  (Peru) – Chocolate Oscuro 70% Cacao Con Naranja (**)

Bronze: Suyai Cacao Chuncho  (Peru) – Chocolate al 70% con naranja (**)

Tablettes de chocolat au lait avec infusion ou arôme

Gold: Chocolates Kareena  (Peru) – 50% Cacao Milk Con Hierba Luisa (**)

+ Special: Local ingredients

Silver: Inka’Kaw  (Peru) – Chocolate Con Leche Y Café 50% Cacao (**)

Bronze: Chocolates Kareena  (Peru) – 50% Cacao Milk Algarroba Y Maca (**)

Bronze: Kontiti Historia, Arte y Chocolate  (Peru) – Chocolate 60% Capuccino (**)

Tablettes de chocolat au lait avec inclusions ou morceaux

Silver: Chocolate Div  (Peru) – Chocolate Bitter Al 60% Café Con Leche

Tablettes de chocolat blanc aromatisées avec infusion ou arôme

Bronze: Inka’Kaw  (Peru) – Chocolate Blanco Con Hoja De Coca (**)

Tablettes de chocolat blanc avec inclusions ou morceaux

Bronze: Diha  (Peru) – Chocolate Blanco Con Nibs De Cacao (**)

Ganaches, palets, pralines avec ganache, truffes

Ganaches ou truffes de chocolat noir aromatisées

Silver: Bakeart  (Peru) – Wasabi Ganache / Black Vinegar Reduction (**)

Ganaches ou truffes au chocolat au lait

Gold: Bakeart  (Peru) – Lemon and Cinnamon Ganache

+ Special: Classic

Silver: Chocolateria Sumaq Kamari  (Peru) – Bombones Sumaqk Pasión

Fruits secs

Dragées/ fruits secs entiers enrobés au chocolat noir

Gold: Pumatiy  (Peru) – Cacao Con Panela (**)

+ Special: Innovation

Silver: Kimpito  (Peru) – Hojuelas De Cacao (**)

Silver: Pecos  (Peru) – Macambo coberturado con pasta de Macambo (**)

Praliné au chocolat lait

Bronze: Bakeart  (Peru) – Almond and cinnamon praline

Bronze: Fabrica de Chocolates La Ibérica S.A.  (Peru) – Bombón Crocante (**)


Caramels enrobés de chocolat noir

Silver: Bakeart  (Peru) – Aguaymanto Candy (**)

Combination chocolate enrobed caramels

Silver: Bakeart  (Peru) – Orange and Clove Candy

Autres – fruits / sucre / beurre / crème

Pâtes de fruits, gelées enrobées de chocolat noir

Bronze: Nutry Body  (Peru) – Organic ginger covered in chocolate (**)

Fruits entiers enrobés de chocolat noir

Bronze: Rio Tambo  (Peru) – Gragea De Cacao Con Camu Camu (**)

Manon/beurre/crème enrobés de chocolat au lait ..

Bronze: Chocolates Ruro  (Peru) – Coca – Cho (**)

Pâte à tartiner

Pâtes à tartiner au chocolat noir (sans poudre de lait)

Bronze: Chocolates Kareena  (Peru) – Crema de Cacao Con Cafe y Almendras (**)

Pâtes à tartiner au chocolat au lait

Bronze: Milan Peruvian Chocolates  (Peru) – Chocoavellanas Milan (**)

(*)  Declared chocolate maker for private label bars.

(**) Winner has declared the product is made with their own bean-to-bar chocolate or couverture.