Canadian Craft Chocolatier Competition 2021-22 – Grand Jury Finalists

dicembre 15, 2021 11:44 am by International Chocolate Awards in Finalists, Risultati

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The International Chocolate Awards is pleased to announce the Grand Jury Finalists of the 2021 Canadian Craft Chocolatier Competition, which was judged in November 2021.


The Grand Jury Finalists are the entries that made it through to the final Grand Jury round, having scored at least 80/100, which is the score from which products are considered to have fine flavor quality and be free of major defects. The scores are finalised by the Grand Jury, who may consider and review products where there is not a high level of agreement by the main judging panel.


While listing as a Grand Jury Finalist is an achievement in itself, not all Finalists will receive a prize. Prizes are awarded according to standard benchmark scores for each medal, which may be varied according to the category, local conditions and statistical analysis of the judging scores.


Scores are made public for the Finalists only, scores are not shown for entries that did not achieve a Finalist level to maintain entrant confidentiality.

The scores are calculated using the IICCT Flavor Profiling system and are weighted to match recognised coffee scores, where speciality coffee would begin with a minimum score of 80/100 and upwards.

The 2021-22 Canadian Craft Chocolatier Finalists are:

(In alphabetical order within each category)

Barrette aromatizzate

Barrette cioccolato fondente con infusione o aromi

Guild Chocolates (Canada) – Dark Milk Gesha (85.14)
Guild Chocolates (Canada) – Peru x 2 (83.52)
Guild Chocolates (Canada) – Bolivia x 2 (81.98)

Barrette di cioccolato fondente con inclusioni o pezzi

Etat de Choc (Canada) – Jaguar & Érable (80.52)

Barrette di cioccolato al latte con inclusioni o pezzi

Etat de Choc (Canada) – Nougatine amande & Citron (92.93)

Barrette al cioccolato bianco aromatizzato con infusione o aromi

Guild Chocolates (Canada) – Strawberry Rhubarb (83.59)

Barrette al cioccolato bianco con inclusioni o pezzi

Karat Chocolate (Canada) – Oatmeal Cookie Bar (91.34)

Ganaches, paletes, praline e tartufi alla ganache

Ganaches o tartufi di cioccolato bianco

Mellis Chocolate (Canada) – Apple Pie (92.82)

Ganache o tertufi prodotti utilizzando ciccolati misti Fondente /latte/bianco per copertura o ripieno

Guild Chocolates (Canada) – Graceland (85.88)
Guild Chocolates (Canada) – Strawberry, Lemon, Basil (85.53)
Guild Chocolates (Canada) – Hickory Praline + Pear (81.53)

Praline a base di noci e noci ricoperte

Praline a base di frutta/ gianduja con ciccolato fondente

Allo Simonne (Canada) – Barre a croquer – 02 (88.49)
Allo Simonne (Canada) – Barre a croquer – 03 (85.72)

Dragées al latte/noci intere ricoperte di cioccolato al latte

Jacobean Craft Chocolate (Canada) – Gingerbread Spice Almonds (82.28)


Caramello ricoperti con cioccolato fondente

Hummingbird Chocolate Maker (Canada) – Vodkow Caramels (87.18)

Caramello ricoperto con cioccolato al latte

Mellis Chocolate (Canada) – Banana Caramel (82.28)


Spalmabili con cioccolato fondente (senza latte in polvere)

Allo Simonne (Canada) – Hazelnut & Jaguar Chocolate (89.58)
Allo Simonne (Canada) – Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate (88.53)
Allo Simonne (Canada) – Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate and Buckweat (86.25)
Allo Simonne (Canada) – Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate and Maple (82.87)

Spalmabili con cioccolato al latte

Allo Simonne (Canada) – Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate (85.09)