Judge registration

Thank you for applying to judge with the International Chocolate Awards.

Our aim is to provide our entrants with the highest quality of professional and independent chocolate judging for their entries into our competitions. We take judging seriously and want to respect the work and craft of the chocolate makers and chocolatiers who enter our competitions, and the work of the cacao farmers who grow the fine cacao used by our entrants.

Judging application

We welcome judges with a professional approach and with experience and training in evaluating fine chocolate and in other fine food or drink fields. Judges are chosen by application and will be approved according to their background and previous contact with the Awards. (For example, if we have already been in contact with you or if you have been invited to apply by email or social media announcements).

We welcome new judges, but please note that available spaces for judging may be limited and we will prioritise judges who can commit to judging the full amount of samples they will receive in a timely manner in the case of remote judging.

Once you have registered, a password will be emailed to you in case you need to log back in to amend your details. We will then review your registration and if approved, we will email you with a link to choose and manage the sessions you can judge for the current competition.

Please tell us which current competitions you would like to apply for. (If none are listed, there are no current competitions open for registration to judge.)
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We may publish the names of judges used for each competition through our website. Please uncheck this option if you prefer for your name to be withheld.
You can give us website link to use if we publish your name as a judge
You can give us an optional name to show for the link you gave us. If not, we'll use your job title or the website address.
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Please give us details of your experience in the fine chocolate world. We aim to represent all levels of experience at the judging, from expert to consumers. Knowing your level of experience will help us to balance out the judging sessions.
Please let us know about any current or previous involvement with a chocolate supplier or company or any disputes you have been involved in. You may still be able to judge, but let us know the details and we will contact you to confirm.
If you weren't invited directly by us, please tell us which institution or person recommended you
Please confirm that you apply to judge and agree to the rules about confidentiality, conflict of interest and that if approved, you agree to judge the samples we provide you in a fair and timely manner.

Note on allergies

Many of the products entered into the Awards will carry warnings about nut or other allergies. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to separate these products from all the others due to the blind nature of the judging. Therefore if you have a nut allergy it is recommended that you do not judge at the Awards. The International Chocolate Awards carries no responsibility for any illness caused by consumption of the samples during judging.