Judges – European, Middle Eastern and African Bean-to-Bar Competition 2021-22

As part of our commitment to transparency, we publish the names of the judges for each competition. (If judges opt-in for their names to be made public.)

Each competition is judged by a panel of experts, food journalists, sommeliers and pastry chefs, including the names listed below. The competition is overseen by members of our international Grand Jury, who travel to each competition.

We would like to thank our judges for their hard work, including any who chose for their names not to be listed. You can find the full list of winners for this competition in our ‘Rounds & results’ section.

Cat Black (United Kingdom), Food Writer, Food writer

Sandro Bosticco (Italy), www.winesurf.it, Sandro Bosticco

Martin Christy (United Kingdom), Seventy%, Permanent Grand Jury

Mireille Discher (United Kingdom), F&B Consultant

Celine Francis (Belgium), None for time being

Caterina Gallo (Germany), Blogger – Manager of the Craft Chocolate Shop

George Gensler (United States), Manhattan Chocolate Society, Permanent Grand Jury

Earnie Glazener (United States), Independent, Instagram reviews (please note the website link & name may change before competition completion)

Eduardo Kasahara (France), Consultant

Alena Kastnerová (Czech Republic), National Theatre Brno, a writer/copywriter

Nicola Knight (United Kingdom), Celebrate Cacao, Nicola Knight

Kathryn Laverack (United Kingdom), Cocoa Encounters, Cocoa Encounters

Dorothee Linke (Germany), Norderneyer Morgen / journalist

Per Liss (Sweden), Chokladakademien, Chokladakademien

Ricardo Lomaski Torrez (Israel), Innovation Hub Israel Brazil, Innovation Hub Brazil Israel

Kate McNally (Belgium), Project coordinator QCEA

Monica Meschini (Italy), Chocolate/Tea Taster, Wine Sommelier, Permanent Grand Jury

Shobitha Ramadasan (France), Self employed, Maison Choyi

Alex Rast (United Kingdom), Consultant, Reviewer, Seventy% , Permanent Grand Jury

Michaela Schupp (Judge) (Germany), Chocolats-de-luxe.de, Chocolats-de-luxe.de

Gillian Shaw (United Kingdom), Gillian Shaw Translator, GIllian Shaw Translator

Jana Siegl (Czech Republic), Event Coordinator (in a pharmaceutical company)

Joy Skipper (United Kingdom), Food and Nutrition Consultant, Joy Skipper

Andrea Thurner (Switzerland), Founder of the small batch project, the small batch project

Lilla Toth-Tatai (Austria), Little Beetle Chocolates Ltd., Little Beetle Chocolates

Dennis van Essen (Netherlands), The Highfive Company, The Highfive Company | American Bean to Bar Chocolate

Nicolae Velciov (Romania), Choco Manifesto / Partner, Choco Manifesto

Terese Weiss (Denmark), Interpreter / Chocolate Educator