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Judges – Belgian National Competition 2016

As part of our commitment to transparency, we publish the names of the judges for each competition. (If judges opt-in for their names to be made public.)

Each competition is judged by a panel of experts, food journalists, sommeliers and pastry chefs, including the names listed below. The competition is overseen by members of our international Grand Jury, who travel to each competition.

We would like to thank our judges for their hard work, including any who chose for their names not to be listed. You can find the full list of winners for this competition in our ‘Rounds & results’ section.

Caroline Aussems (Belgium), Mi Joya

Mathieu Bours (Belgium), Associate

Gilles Brochard (France), Journaliste

Martin Christy (United Kingdom), Seventy%, Permanent Grand Jury

Anne Delcominette (Belgium), infirmiere

Maxine Detaellenaere (Belgium), Food journalist Chocolaterie Magazine

Antoine Edjenguele (Belgium), Consumer

Fabrice Gersdorff (Belgium), cuisinier

Giovanna Gori (Italy), Chocolate Taster / Fotografa

Bernard Gregoire (Belgium), RTL

Jessy Hallaert (Belgium), SPF finances assistante administrative

Pierrick Henin (Belgium), Choco-Story Brussels

Kris Kellens (Belgium), Beantobar.be, Beantobar.be

Marianne Lebrun (Belgium), L’épicurieuse, www.epicurieuse.be

Marc Lindekens (Belgium), Consultant en boulangerie patisserie

Monica Meschini (Italy), Chocolate/Tea Taster, Sommelier, Permanent Grand Jury

Pascale Nelson (Belgium), sans

Zoi Papalexandratou (Belgium), ZOTO

Maryline Pereira (Belgium), ChocoStory Brussels

Alex Rast (United Kingdom), Consultant, Reviewer, Seventy% , Permanent Grand Jury

Nicole Regout (Belgium), Le cercle du cacao SPRL, Le Cercle du Cacao

Pierre Sébastien (Belgium), Cuisine etc … service traiteur

Storelli Serge (Belgium), Professor at Institut Emile Gryzon

Elodie Thoumsin (Belgium), ChocoStory Brussels

Cedric Van Belle (Belgium), Choco-Story Brugge

Peggy Van Lierde (Belgium), Choco Story Brussels

Ingrid Van Wateghem (Belgium), VISITFLANDERS – Product Manager Flanders for Foodies

Patrick Vanbeggelaer (Belgium), Chocogaterie

Sarah Vanden Bruel (Belgium), Choco-Story Brussels

Audrey Verbist (Belgium), L’Avenir – Journaliste

Alice Voisin (Belgium), Belgian Chocolate Awards, Route du Chocolat