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Asia-Pacific Competition 2017 – Grand Jury Finalists

juni 21, 2017 5:55 pm by International Chocolate Awards in Finalists, News, Results

The International Chocolate Awards is pleased to announce the Grand Jury Finalists of the 2017 Asia-Pacific Competition, which was judged in New York Metropolitan Region, 29 March-4 April 2017. For the first time, this year the Americas and Asia Pacific results will be announced as separate competitions, acknowledging the huge growth in entries in both regions.

The judging panel included judges from Europe, Japan, South America and the USA and members of our international Grand Jury panel.

The Grand Jury Finalists are the companies that made it through to the final Grand Jury round, following an initial technical Selection round and four or more days of Main round judging. The Finalists are the nominations from which the Grand Jury select the prize winners, through private voting. The Grand Jury follow strict rules, which you can read here (PDF).

While listing as a Grand Jury Finalist is an achievement in itself, it does not necessarily indicate that the entrant will receive a prize.

Winners will be announced in Hoboken, in the New York Metropolitan area on June 26 2017 at 7pm Eastern Time.

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The 2017 Asia-Pacific Competition Grand Jury Finalists are:

(In alphabetical order within each category)

Pure/origine repen

Pure/origine donkere chocoladerepen

Chocolatier Palet d’Or (Japan) – ARTISAN TABLETTE Bitter 72% MADAGASCAR
Chocolatier Palet d’Or (Japan) – Artisan Tablette Bitter 72% Vietnam
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Taiwan No.1 62%
Malagos Chocolate (Philippines) – Malagos 65% Dark Chocolate
Meiji (Japan) – Floral Dark 70%
Minimal Bean to Bar Chocolate (Japan) – Fruity Berry-Like / Fine / Colombia / 65%
Minimal Bean to Bar Chocolate (Japan) – Fruity Berry-Like / Fine / Vietnam / 68%
Minimal Bean to Bar Chocolate (Japan) – Fruity Citric / Fine / Bolivia / 67%

Micro-batch – Pure/origine donkere chocoladerepen

Cacaodada (South Korea) – Dominican Republic 70%
Green bean to bar chocolate (Japan) – Bolivia 70%
Hogarth Craft Chocolate (New Zealand) – Gran Blanco – Peru
The Smooth Chocolator (Australia) – Belize 70%
The Smooth Chocolator (Australia) – Madagascar 72%
The Smooth Chocolator (Australia) – Vietnam 70%

Hoog % puur/origine donkere chocoladerepen (85% of meer)

Jade Li Chocolatier (Taiwan) – Formosa 85

Grof gemalen pure/origine donkere chocoladerepen

Minimal Bean to Bar Chocolate (Japan) – Fruity Berry-Like / Fine / Colombia / 65%
Minimal Bean to Bar Chocolate (Japan) – Fruity Citric / Bolivia / 67%
Minimal Bean to Bar Chocolate (Japan) – Nutty Raw-Like / Haiti / 73%
Minimal Bean to Bar Chocolate (Japan) – Savory Floral / Fine / Nicaragua / 70%

Pure/origine melk chocoladerepen

Chocolatier Palet d’Or (Japan) – Artisan Tablette High milk 40% Haiti
Chocolatier Palet d’Or (Japan) – Artisan Tablette High milk 40% Madagascar
Chocolatier Palet d’Or (Japan) – ARTISAN TABLETTE High Milk40% VIETNAM
Daito Cacao (Japan) – Hokkaido Rich Milk

Pure/origine melk chocoladerepen (50% of meer)

Chocolatier Palet d’Or (Japan) – Artisan Tablette Bitter milk 51% Haiti
Chocolatier Palet d’Or (Japan) – Artisan Tablette Bitter milk 51% Madagascar
Chocolatier Palet d’Or (Japan) – Artisan Tablette Bitter Milk 51% Vietnam
Daito Cacao (Japan) – Earthly High Cacao Milk
Meiji (Japan) – Dark Milk of Light Floral Cacao 55%
Meiji (Japan) – Vivid Milk
Monsieur Truffe (Australia) – Ecuador 55%
VANILLABEANS (Japan) – Tablette chocolat High cacao milk

Micro-batch – Pure/origine melk chocoladerepen

Jasper and Myrtle (Australia) – Classic Milk Chocolate
Musée du Chocolat Théobroma (Japan) – Peru White Cacao Milk 45

Pure/origine witte chocoladerepen

Cacao Kenkyusyo (Japan) – Cacao 40%
Daito Cacao (Japan) – Raw Sugar White

Repen met toegevoegde smaak

Donkere chocoladerepen met een infusie of aroma

Coco Kyoto (Japan) – Madagascar
Jasper and Myrtle (Australia) – Espresso Dark Chocolate – Bean to bar 66% Dark
Le Chocolat de H (Japan) – Kilimanjaro
Le Chocolat de H (Japan) – Rum Special
Marou Chocolate (Vietnam) – Lam Dong 64% & Coffee
VANILLABEANS (Japan) – Tablette chocolat -Yuzu pepper-

Donkere chocoladerepen met insluitsels of stukjes

Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Taiwan No.5 62%
Green bean to bar chocolate (Japan) – Madagascar 70% -Nibs-
Jasper and Myrtle (Australia) – Bean to bar 66% Dark Chocolate with Himalayan Rock Salt and Wakame
Le Chocolat de H (Japan) – Black World
Marou Chocolate (Vietnam) – Candied Ginger 65% Dark Chocolate
Marou Chocolate (Vietnam) – Caramelized Nibs & 65% Dark Chocolate
Sweets Escalier (Japan) – Grenada Penja black pepper
Sweets Escalier (Japan) – Madagascar sancho japanese pepper
VANILLABEANS (Japan) – Tablette chocolat-Sparkling-
VANILLABEANS (Japan) – Tablette chocolat -Wasabi-

Donkere chocoladerepen met een vulling

Marou Chocolate (Vietnam) – Cashewnut Praliné 65% Dark Chocolate
Musée du Chocolat Théobroma (Japan) – Framboise Basilic

‘Naked’ filled dark chocolate bars (filling only, no coating)

Hogarth Craft Chocolate (New Zealand) – Gianduia – Dark Hazelnut

Melk chocoladerepen met een infusie of aroma

Cacao Kenkyusyo (Japan) – Japanese Sea Salt
Cacao Kenkyusyo (Japan) – Original Blend Coffee
Daito Cacao (Japan) – Samurai
Ishiya (Japan) – Hokkaido Rich Milk & Salt

Melkchocoladerepen met insluitsels of stukjes

AUDREY (Japan) – Milk chocolate & berry
es koyama (Japan) – Kimchi×Chanchamayo 48%
es koyama (Japan) – Nara-zuke(Kamo-Nasu Eggplant)
es koyama (Japan) – Rakkyo(Allium Chinense)×Madagascar 51%
es koyama (Japan) – Tumaco Leche & Citrus Unshu(Satsuma Mandarin)& Cacao nib(Tumaco)
Ishiya (Japan) – Fuji apple
Ishiya (Japan) – Tokibi
Le Chocolat de H (Japan) – Kiwami Pineapple
Le Chocolat de H (Japan) – Wa Berry
Le Chocolat de H (Japan) – Wasabi

Melkchocoladerepen met een vulling

es koyama (Japan) – Chanchamayo 48% & Hazelnut Praline with Aka-Jiso(Red perilla from WAKAYAMA)
es koyama (Japan) – Green laver from YOSHINOGAWA-River & Almond Praline with Yuzu
es koyama (Japan) – Real strawberry & Hazelnut Praline with Lime

Witte chocoladerepen met toegevoegde smaak

AUDREY (Japan) – Strawberry chocolate & berry
AUDREY (Japan) – White chocolates & berry
Daito Cacao (Japan) – Hojicha(Charcoal Fire Roasting)
Daito Cacao (Japan) – Raw Sugar + Ginger
es koyama (Japan) – Japanese cinnamon leaf from Wakayama & Adzuki-bean
es koyama (Japan) – Matcha&Hinona-zuke Kyoto
es koyama (Japan) – Three kinds of beans (Daitokuji-Temple Natto, Adzuki & Tanbaguro)
Fossa Chocolate (Singapore) – Salted Egg Yolk Cereal Blond Chocolate
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Rose Lychee Nibs
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Thai Curry Shrimp
Ishiya (Japan) – Azuki & Ten-cha
Ishiya (Japan) – Hokkaido Rich White & Salt
Jasper and Myrtle (Australia) – Caffe Bianco – White Chocolate with Coffee
Le Chocolat de H (Japan) – Japan All Stars
Le Chocolat de H (Japan) – Oriental
Le Chocolat de H (Japan) – Red World
Le Chocolat de H (Japan) – Waka
Le Chocolat de H (Japan) – Yoka
P. Chokko (South Korea) – Barra w+Coffee

Ganaches, palets, ganache pralines en truffels

Donkere chocolade ganaches of truffels zonder toegevoegde smaak

es koyama (Japan) – Elizabeth 71%(Colombia Arauca)
es koyama (Japan) – San Martin 70%(Peru)
Yu Chocolatier (Taiwan) – Yu

Ganaches of truffels van donkere chocolade met toegevoegde smaak

es koyama (Japan) – Evaporated Soy Sauce&Pedro Ximenez(Sierra Nevada70%)
Le Ruban Chocolat (Taiwan) – Chrysanthemum
Musée du Chocolat Théobroma (Japan) – Shiso Wasabi
Yu Chocolatier (Taiwan) – Aged Plum
Yu Chocolatier (Taiwan) – Sherry Longan

Ganaches of truffels van melkchocolade

es koyama (Japan) – Absinthe & Mango Passion Fruits(Peru Chanchamayo48%)
es koyama (Japan) – Chile:Pasilla de Oaxaca(Peru Chanchamayo 48%)
es koyama (Japan) – Chrysanthemum (Dominica 48%)
es koyama (Japan) – Completely Ripe Red Sansho from Wakayama (Peru Chanchamayo 48%)
es koyama (Japan) – Kaffir lime leaf 2017(Peru Chanchamayo48%)
es koyama (Japan) – Keemun:Smoked with whiskey barrel wood chips(Madagascar51%)
es koyama (Japan) – Kishu-Nankoume Plum from Wakayama & Sakura leaf
es koyama (Japan) – Pu’er tea(Madagascar 51%)
es koyama (Japan) – Raspberry&Raspberry Leaf
es koyama (Japan) – Sake-Yuzu & Sake-lees
es koyama (Japan) – Slow Cooked caramelized onion & Sierra Nevada 52%
es koyama (Japan) – Smoked Soy Sauce from Wakayama(Madagascar 51%)
es koyama (Japan) – Strawberry&Fukinoto(youthful condition)(Nicaragua)
es koyama (Japan) – Strawberry&Strawberry Leaf(Colombia Sierra Nevada)
es koyama (Japan) – Triple Tumaco(Colombia)
Le Ruban Chocolat (Taiwan) – White sesame

Ganaches of truffels van witte chocolade

Kimuraya (Japan) – Dadachamameemon Chocolate

Ganaches of truffels met een coating of vulling van gemengde donkere/melk/witte chocolade

es koyama (Japan) – Cassis with Timut pepper & Coriander
es koyama (Japan) – Kuromoji:branch & leaf(Peru Chanchamayo)
es koyama (Japan) – Olive leaf & Olive oil(Peru Chanchamayo)
es koyama (Japan) – Real Red Rose(Peru Chanchamayo)
es koyama (Japan) – Smoked Tofu (preserved in miso)
es koyama (Japan) – Two types of cassis liqueur, morning & night picking (Chanchamayo 63% & 48%)
es koyama (Japan) – Vineyard after harvest~smoked Cabernet Sauvignon branches and raspberry Pedro Ximenez
Kimuraya (Japan) – Kijosyu chocolate
Le Ruban Chocolat (Taiwan) – Coriander
Le Ruban Chocolat (Taiwan) – Ginger, brown sugar and rosemary
Le Ruban Chocolat (Taiwan) – Jasmine and Mango
Le Ruban Chocolat (Taiwan) – Longan flower and Pineapple
Le Ruban Chocolat (Taiwan) – Oolong tea and longan
Yu Chocolatier (Taiwan) – Peppery Peat
Yu Chocolatier (Taiwan) – Woodfire-Sautéed Black Sesame Oil with Sea Salt


Met donkere chocolade omhuld marsepein

Musée du Chocolat Théobroma (Japan) – Barlovento

Pralines op basis van noten met melkchocolade

es koyama (Japan) – Almond Praline with Yuzu and Piment d’Espelette
es koyama (Japan) – Almond Praline:Pickled ginger with soy sauce
Musée du Chocolat Théobroma (Japan) – Puerto Cabello

Gianduiotto of cremino van melkchocolade

Hogarth Craft Chocolate (New Zealand) – Milk Gianduia Log

Melkchocolade dragees, omhulde hele noten

es koyama (Japan) – Strawberry & Lime dragée(Hazelnut)

Nut based pralines with white chocolate

Ishiya (Japan) – Triple Goma

Witte chocolade dragees, omhulde hele noten

es koyama (Japan) – Matcha & Yuzu dragée(Hazelnut)


Karamel omhuld met donkere chocolade

Musée du Chocolat Théobroma (Japan) – Caramel Ginger

Overige – fruit/suiker/boter/crème

Met donkere chocolade omhulde manon/boter/crème

Chuang Chocolate (Taiwan) – Kaoliang Liquor & Oolong Tea
Chuang Chocolate (Taiwan) – Longan Honey
Chuang Chocolate (Taiwan) – Raspberry & lavender