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World Final 2019 – Grand Jury Finalists

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The International Chocolate Awards is proud to announce the Grand Jury Finalists of the World Final Competition which was held 7-12 October, 2019 in Florence, Italy.

The Grand Jury Finalists are the entries that made it through to the final Grand Jury round, following four days of judging by our expert panel. The Finalists are the nominations from which the Grand Jury select the prize winners, through private voting. The Grand Jury follow strict rules, which you can read here (PDF). While listing as a Grand Jury Finalist is an achievement in itself, it does not necessarily indicate that the entry will receive a prize.

The judging panel included judges from the UK, USA, Europe and Asia and members of our international Grand Jury panel. The panel was made up of chocolate experts, pastry chefs, journalists, restaurant reviewers, bloggers, culinary educators and chefs.

All World Final entries were previous winners in the 2019 regional or national competitions.

Chocolate Tasters’ Finalists

This year the World Final judging included special judging by alumni and Certified Tasters of the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting, the overseeing body of the International Chocolate Awards. The alumni and IICCT Certified Tasters separately judged plain/origin bars in cacao origins with a large number of entries, along with selected flavoured bars and filled chocolates categories to award their own special Chocolate Tasters prizes. The Finalists are the highest scoring entries from which the final Chocolate Tasters’ winners will be drawn.

2019 World Winners Announcement and Prize Celebration – Antigua – Guatemala

The World Winners will be revealed and certificates will be presented at the 2019 World Winners Announcement and Prize Celebration, which will be held for the first time in in a cacao growing country, in the enchanting and historical city of Antigua, Guatemala. Antigua is a gem of colonial architecture and one of the most beautiful and historic cities of the Americas, in a country known as one of the major cultural cradles of cacao and where chocolate recipes that hark back to Maya times are still alive. The International Chocolate Awards is proud to be holding its 2019 World Final event in this important producer of fine cacao.

The event will be held on Monday 18 November, 2019, from 5:00pm – 9:00pm at the Palacio de los Capitanes in Antigua, the historic XVI century building located in the Central Square of Antigua. Guests will be able to enjoy an exhibition of our winners’ products and the event will culminate in a cocktail where guests can taste authentic Guatemalan specialties.


The 2019 World Final competition Finalists are:

(In alphabetical order within each category)

Pure/origine repen

Pure/origine donkere chocoladerepen

PERÚ PURO Chuncho Gold (Germany) – Chuncho Gold Grand Cru 70%
Fruition Chocolate Works (United States) – Dominican Hispaniola 68%
Lyra (Slovakia) – Lyra Galery dark
Amazing Cacao (Russia) – Copuazu
Chocolaterie Morin (France) – Equateur Esmeralda Noir 70%
Chocolaterie Morin (France) – Nicaragua Rugoso Noir 70%
Chocolaterie Morin (France) – Perou Chanchamayo 63%
Chocolaterie Morin (France) – Perou Pablino Noir 70%
Chocolaterie Morin (France) – Perou Chanchamayo 100%
Chocolaterie Morin (France) – Equateur Esmeralda 100%
Friis-Holm Chokolade (Denmark) – Indio Rojo 70%
Friis-Holm Chokolade (Denmark) – Chuno 70% Tripple Turned
Friis-Holm Chokolade (Denmark) – Johe 70%
Friis-Holm Chokolade (Denmark) – Barba 70%
Friis-Holm Chokolade (Denmark) – La Dalia 60%
Friis-Holm Chokolade (Denmark) – La Dalia 70%
Friis-Holm Chokolade (Denmark) – Løgismose 76% Mørk
Cacao Hunters (Colombia) – Sierra Nevada 64%
Cacao Hunters (Colombia) – Tumaco 70%
Cacao Hunters (Colombia) – Arauca 70%
Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Raw 70%
Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Raw 85%
Wolter (Mexico) – Agua Selva 72%
Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Lacumbia Arauquita, 70 %
Bonnat Chocolatier (France) – Cacao Real del Xoconuzco
Bonnat Chocolatier (France) – El Castillero
Bonnat Chocolatier (France) – Côté d’Ivoire
Soma Chocolatemaker (Canada) – Ucayali
Soma Chocolatemaker (Canada) – Hacienda Victoria
Domenico (Peru) – Domenico Awajún 85%
Cacaosuyo (Peru) – Lakuna
Cacaosuyo (Peru) – Piura Select
Cacaosuyo (Peru) – Chuncho
Cacaosuyo (Peru) – Cuzco 80
Chocolatier Palet d’Or (Japan) – L’Essence du Cacao India 70%
Auro Chocolate (Philippines) – 70% Dark – Tupi Origin

Micro-batch – Pure/origine donkere chocoladerepen

Tibitó Chocolate (Colombia) – Tibitó Chocolate-Arauca 70%
Franceschi Chocolate (Venezuela) – Franceschi Chocolate Cuyagua 72%
Feliu Chocolate (Mexico) – Criollo Rioja
Ara Chocolat (France) – Maceo 70%
Karuna Chocolate (Italy) – Fast Dried cocoa from Belize, 70%
Meybol Cacao (Germany) – Chuncho Collection N°5
Aruntam – Sensory Chocolate (Italy) – 72% Madagascar-Bejofo Estate Åkesson’s
Aruntam – Sensory Chocolate (Italy) – 72% Piura Albino Perù
Legast (Belgium) – Finca los Lagos – Colombie
Chokola Bean to Bar (United States) – 70 Belize, Maya Mountain
Chokola Bean to Bar (United States) – Tumaco
Cacao Hunters (Colombia) – Arhuacos 72%
Cacao Hunters (Colombia) – Perla Negra 74%
Goodnow Farms Chocolate (United States) – Asochivite, 77%
Goodnow Farms Chocolate (United States) – Ucayali, 70%
Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – 70% Papua New Guinea
Dandelion Chocolate (United States) – Esmeraldas, Ecuador-2016 Harvest, 70%
Dandelion Chocolate (United States) – Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania-2016 Harvest, 70%
Stone Grindz Chocolate (United States) – Esmeraldas, Ecuador 70%
Stone Grindz Chocolate (United States) – Wild Bolivia 70%
Qantu (Canada) – Bagua 70%
Palette de Bine (Canada) – La Reunion Trinidad 70%
Palette de Bine (Canada) – Santa Maria Estate Trinidad 70%
Tribar Chocolate (Peru) – Dark 75% – Curimaná, Ucayali
Fresco (United States) – Polochic Guatemala 70% Medium Roast
Sweets Escalier (Japan) – Peru Piura 75%
曾志元 Zengzhiyuan台灣Taiwan (Taiwan) – One Fermentation 95% Dark Chocolate.
曾志元 Zengzhiyuan台灣Taiwan (Taiwan) – One Fermentation 80% Dark Chocolate.
曾志元 Zengzhiyuan台灣Taiwan (Taiwan) – One Fermentation 70% Dark Chocolate
曾志元 Zengzhiyuan台灣Taiwan (Taiwan) – One Fermentation 65% Dark Chocolate.
曾志元 Zengzhiyuan台灣Taiwan (Taiwan) – Second Fermentation 80% Dark Chocolate
green bean to bar Chocolate (Japan) – Tanzania 70%
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Taiwan #1 62% Ping Tung
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Taiwan #1 70% Ping Tung
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Taiwan #8 62% Premium Roast
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Taiwan #3 70% Black Sugar
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Taiwan #8 70% Premium Roast
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Taiwan#9 70% Double Ferment Rough Ground
Love Brown Cacao (Taiwan) – Love Brown Philippines 75%Dark Chocolate
Minimal Bean to Bar Chocolate (Japan) – ”Arhuaco”
Minimal Bean to Bar Chocolate (Japan) – Fruity Tanzania
Marou Chocolate (Vietnam) – #01 Tien Giang Special 75%

Pure/origine melk chocoladerepen

PERÚ PURO Chuncho Gold (Germany) – Chuncho Gold Grand Cru 52%
Rosehill Estate Chocolates (Sweden) – Rosehill Estate Dark Milk
Chocolaterie Morin (France) – Equateur Esmeralda Lait 48%
Friis-Holm Chokolade (Denmark) – O’Payo Milk 50%
Friis-Holm Chokolade (Denmark) – Løgismose 48% Mælk
Tobago Estate Chocolates (Sweden) – Tobago Estate Chocolate Laura 45%

Micro-batch – Pure/origine melk chocoladerepen

Steiner & Kovarik by Prague Chocolate (Czech Republic) – Aluna 44%
Míšina Čokoláda / Misha’s Chocolate (Czech Republic) – Madagascar Milk Chocolate 50%
Nina Fine Chocolates (Peru) – Nina 55% with Milk
Castronovo Chocolate (United States) – Sierra Nevada, Colombia Dark Milk 63%
Castronovo Chocolate (United States) – Tumaco, Colombia Dark Milk 60%
Escazú Chocolates (United States) – 60% Goats Milk Single Origin – Patanemo
TCHO (United States) – TCHO 54% Dark Milk
Sweets Escalier (Japan) – Venezuela Chuao Milk 60%
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Taiwan #10 53% Dark Milk

Pure/origine witte chocoladerepen

Chocolaterie Morin (France) – Perou Chanchamayo Blanc 40%
Wolter (Mexico) – Chelo Caramelo

Repen met toegevoegde smaak

Donkere chocoladerepen met een infusie of aroma

Tropical Chocolate Café (Panama) – Barra de chocolate Geisha Coffee
Cacao Hunters (Colombia) – Café de Edi 61%
Evers & Tochter Manufaktur (Germany) – Dark chocolate with liquorice and salt
Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Andean Mint
Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Jasmine
Zucoleto (Honduras) – Espresso Chocolate Bar
Sweets Escalier (Japan) – Venezuela Chuao 66% Dokudami Tea
Sweets Escalier (Japan) – Venezuela Chuao 66% Café
Sweets Escalier (Japan) – Madagascar 68% Sakura Smoke
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Taiwan Red Jade Tea 62%
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Taiwan Tie-Guan-Yin Tea 62%
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Taiwan Charcoal Oolong Tea 62%
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Rose Lychee Oriental Beauty 62%
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Osmanthus Red Oolong 62%
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Taiwan White Pepper Fleru De Sel 62%
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Taiwan Black Pepper 62%
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Taiwan Magao (Wild Pepper) 62%
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Taiwan Red Oolong 62%
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Taiwan Earl Grey 62%
PARADAi Chocolate (Thailand) – Zanthoxylum Limonella Infused-Dark 70%
Zengzhiyuan (Taiwan) – 70%Flavor Chocolate (Vigorously Burdock)
Zengzhiyuan (Taiwan) – 70% Flavor Chocolate Oriental Beauty Te

Donkere chocoladerepen met insluitsels of stukjes

Gardini (Italy) – “Speziali”: fondente con tè verde Sakura
Gardini (Italy) – “Speziali” fondente con caffè e cardamomo
Benjamissimo (Bulgaria) – Benjamissimo Raw cacao nibs / Dark 75%
Amazing Cacao (Russia) – Dark Chocolate 70% with Pine Nuts
Fjåk Chocolate (Norway) – 68% Dark India & Nibs
Mission Chocolate (Brazil) – Brazil Biomes Project: Guava 70%
Armando canelon chocolates (Venezuela) – NAIBOA (trincheras 65%)
Karuna Chocolate (Italy) – Raspberries and Cocoa from Belize, 70%
Legast (Belgium) – Piura- Eclats de Cacao 70%
Palato Hand Crafted Chocolate (Honduras) – 65% Chocolate Oscuro- Naranja y Almedras
Forte Chocolates (United States) – Tasmanian Pepper and Lime
Forte Chocolates (United States) – Aztec Bar
Wolter (Mexico) – Chicatana Criollo 70%
Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Juniper-Enebro
Bonnat Chocolatier (France) – Noir Pistache
Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Raw 101%
Qantu (Canada) – Erable et Sel de Maras
Cacaosuyo (Peru) – Inka Berry
TCHO (United States) – TCHO Mint Chip Gelato
TCHO (United States) – TCHO Maker’s Series: Bramble + Rose
Cona’s (Taiwan) – Cona’s 70% Ruby Black Tea Lychee Bar
Kad Kokoa (Thailand) – Shiso Seed
Gamma Craft Chocolate (Hong Kong) – Mui Kwe Lu Nibs-Mexico Almendra Blanca
Fossa Chocolate (Singapore) – Chilli Peanut Praline
green bean to bar Chocolate (Japan) – Madagascar 70% Nibs
Kad Kokoa (Thailand) – Salted Tamarind
Hey Fun Chocolate (Taiwan) – Sea Salted Chocolate with Pistachio
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) – Taiwan #5 62% Cacao Nibs
green bean to bar Chocolate (Japan) – 〈Bankan〉Madagascar 70%
Etat de Choc (Canada) – Mini-Tablette Maïs Piment

Donkere chocoladerepen met een vulling

Guido Castagna (Italy) – MES Gianduja Fondente
Volpati Davide (Italy) – Fondente Tre Strati
Daja Chocolate (Germany) – Zartbitter Mousse Tafel

Melk chocoladerepen met een infusie of aroma

Fjåk Chocolate (Norway) – 45% Milk & Norwegian Wild Mushroom
Friis-Holm Chokolade (Denmark) – O’Payo Milk 50% – Sansho
French Broad Chocolates (United States) – Chai Masala Milk Chocolate
Sweets Escalier (Japan) – Venezuela Chuao Milk 60% Siitake & Miso
Fossa Chocolate (Singapore) – Honey Orchid Dancong Hongcha
Fossa Chocolate (Singapore) – Duck Shit Dancong Oolong
Nanaya (Japan) – Craft Chocolate Houjicha
Siamaya Chocolate (Thailand) – Durian Milk Chocolate
Ezaki Glico (Japan) – Yuzu & Sake-Kasu
Ezaki Glico (Japan) – Sakura & Wasanmitsu-Sugar
Ezaki Glico (Japan) – Spinach & Yuzu
Ezaki Glico (Japan) – Japanese White-Miso & Yuzu
Choc Amor (United Kingdom) – Turkish Charm

Melkchocoladerepen met insluitsels of stukjes

Gardini (Italy) – Cacao e Sale: latte sale e liquerizia
Gardini (Italy) – Cacao e Sale: latte con sale e olio EVO
Lyra (Slovakia) – Lyra Galery Milk with Hazelnuts
Fjåk Chocolate (Norway) – 45% Milk & Brown Cheese
Fjåk Chocolate (Norway) – 50% Milk with Sourdough Bread & Salt
Friis-Holm Chokolade (Denmark) – O’Payo Milk 50% – Chunky Salty Liquorice
Forte Chocolates (United States) – Marcona Almonds in Milk Chocolate
Evers & Tochter Manufaktur (Germany) – Milk Chocolate with salty roasted almonds
Only Child Chocolate Co (United States) – Rosemary and Ginger Walk into a Bar
Stone Grindz Chocolate (United States) – Coconut Milk Ginger 55%
Cacaosuyo (Peru) – Quinoa Crunch
Theo and Philo Chocolate (Philippines) – Milk Chocolate Adobo
Ishiya (Japan) – Tokibi
Ishiya (Japan) – Goma

Witte chocoladerepen met een infusie of aroma

Monper Chocolate (Spain) – Chocolate Mojito Monper
Mojo Cacao (Russia) – Cashew White Chocolate – Cookie
Monsoon Chocolate (United States) – Blue Corn Atole White Chocolate
Kasama Chocolate (Canada) – Raspberry White Chcoolate
Soma Chocolatemaker (Canada) – Raspberry bar
TCHO (United States) – TCHO Maker’s Series: Mango Lassi
Nanaya (Japan) – Craft Chocolate Genmaicha
PARADAi Chocolate (Thailand) – Thai Green Curry
Siamaya Chocolate (Thailand) – Ceremonial Matcha White Chocolate
Ishiya (Japan) – Murasaki Imo
Ishiya (Japan) – Shekwasha
Centre and Main Chocolate Co. (Canada) – Saffron Bar

Witte chocoladerepen met insluitsels of stukjes

T’a Milano (Italy) – Tavoletta sale delle Hawaii
Castronovo Chocolate (United States) – White Chocolate Lemon Oil & Lemon Salt
Labys (Sweden) – Jordgubb
GRANDPOIR (Japan) – Grandpoir Snow White Strawberry
Fossa Chocolate (Singapore) – Salted Egg Cereal
Ishiya (Japan) – Kokuto Kinako
Auro Chocolate (Philippines) – 32% Moringa White Chocolate with Pinipig
Q sweet 精品甜點 (Taiwan) – Comfort Chocolate Bar-Szechuan Pepper
Q sweet 精品甜點 (Taiwan) – Comfort Chocolate Bar-White Raspberry
cōchu chocolatier (Canada) – Latte Bar
ONYX Chocolates (Canada) – Black Sesame Yuzu
Centre and Main Chocolate Co. (Canada) – Gin & Tonic Bar
cōchu chocolatier (Canada) – Pecan Pie Bar

Ganaches, palets, ganache pralines en truffels

Donkere chocolade ganaches of truffels zonder toegevoegde smaak

Paola Francesca Bertani (Italy) – Elba Piura
Paola Francesca Bertani (Italy) – Piura Paolina
Pietro Macellaro Pasticceria Agricola Cilentana (Italy) – Piura Buffalo Cream
Ara Chocolat (France) – Ganache nature Colombia 70%
Raoul Boulanger (France) – Pérou
PetriS Chocolate (Finland) – House Truffle
Garcia Nevett (United States) – Ocumare
Nordic Chocolatiers (Denmark) – Inland Ice Chocolate
Nordic Chocolatiers (Denmark) – Island Water

Ganaches of truffels van donkere chocolade met toegevoegde smaak

Torta Pistocchi Firenze (Italy) – Torta Martinica Dream
Paola Francesca Bertani (Italy) – Silosò
Chocolala (Estonia) – Balsamic vinegar ganache
Slitti (Italy) – Pralina Passion Fruit
Slitti (Italy) – Pralina Irish Coffee
Shinichi Asaba (Belgium) – Chocolat caramel et fruit de la passion
Colomb Béréni Création C.B.C. (France) – Abeilles à Manu – chocolat noir au Miel
Le Petit Chocolatier (France) – Ganache Menthe Fraîche
Chocolatier Reen (Belgium) – Adventurous Bergamot
Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate (United States) – Oatmeal Cookie
Phiabella Chocolates (United States) – Flamenco Diva
La Fève by Pavel Pavlov (Norway) – Lemon Cardamone
Nordic Chocolatiers (Denmark) – Olive Oil Bergamot
Nordic Chocolatiers (Denmark) – Ayoola Ganache
L’Amethyste Patisserie (United Kingdom) – Gracinda Juniper
Les Petits Fours (Hong Kong) – Lychee Casked Umeshu
Cacao D’or (Taiwan) – Four Seasons Black Tea
Malagos Chocolate (Philippines) – Whiskey Truffle
East Van Roasters (Canada) – Cranberry Spruce
East Van Roasters (Canada) – Cardi C
Love18 Chocolatier (Malaysia) – Just Onion
PARADAi Chocolate (Thailand) – Summer Fresh
Sweet Lollapalooza Fine Chocolates (Canada) – Orange Grove
Sweet Lollapalooza Fine Chocolates (Canada) – Lime
Sweet Lollapalooza Fine Chocolates (Canada) – Herbsaint

Ganaches of truffels van melkchocolade

Amazing Cacao (Russia) – “Dark honey” bonbon
Demeter Chocolate (Hungary) – Irsai Olivér Grape Pálinka Truffle
Piccola Pasticceria (Italy) – Albicocca e Sambuco
Andreas Muschler (Germany) – ´Mogador ´
Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate (United States) – Miso Dare
Le Caméléon (Mexico) – Cremoso de chapulines
La Fève by Pavel Pavlov (Norway) – Yuzu Jive
Chuang Chocolate (Taiwan) – Ninja
Chuang Chocolate (Taiwan) – 珍珠奶茶 (Tapioca Milk Tea)
Sweet Lollapalooza Fine Chocolates (Canada) – Honey Coffee

Ganaches of truffels van witte chocolade

Torta Pistocchi Firenze (Italy) – Torta Albicocca e Cognac
Chocolatier M (Belgium) – Sudachi Fizz
Forte Chocolates (United States) – Lemon and Pepper Truffle
LeSaint French Chocolate (United States) – Passion Fruit & White Chocolate Ganache
Leventetlesoleil (Taiwan) – Redontree No.1 (在欉紅1號)
Leventetlesoleil (Taiwan) – Redontree No.1 (在欉紅1號)
拾米屋米花/蘇怡帆 (Taiwan) – 桂花滇紅 Yunnan Milk Tea with Osmanthus

Ganaches of truffels met een coating of vulling van gemengde donkere/melk/witte chocolade

Paola Francesca Bertani (Italy) – Aleatica
Paola Francesca Bertani (Italy) – Dressing
Monsoon Chocolate (United States) – Blood Orange Dulce De Leche Bon Bon
OmnOmnOmn Chocolaterie (Sweden) – Buckthorn
Monsoon Chocolate (United States) – Caramelized White Chocolate Truffle
Monsoon Chocolate (United States) – Blueberry Oat Cardamom Bon Bon
La Fève by Pavel Pavlov (Norway) – Sharp Sudachi
Chocolatte (Sweden) – Pear & Rosemary
Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Tainan (Taiwan) – Oolong Yuzu
CacaoH珂珂琥 (China) – Cacaoh Rum Fluffy Nama Chocolate
Leventetlesoleil (Taiwan) – Oldschool (復刻)
Leventetlesoleil (Taiwan) – Oldschool (復刻)
Les Petits Fours (Hong Kong) – Lemon Earl Grey
Chuang Chocolate (Taiwan) – Mischievous Kiss
Fifth Dimension Chocolates (United Kingdom) – Bitter Orange Marmalade
Winchester Cocoa Company (United Kingdom) – Orange and Assam Tea bonbon
Rococo Chocolates (United Kingdom) – Dark Chocolate Amaretti


Pralines op basis van noten

Guido Castagna (Italy) – Giuinott
Guido Castagna (Italy) – Cremino Pistacchio di Bronte
Guido Castagna (Italy) – Cremino Fiore di malva e Cardamomo
Guido Castagna (Italy) – Cremino Cannella e Calendula
Guido Castagna (Italy) – Cremino Menta e Liquirizia
Bardini (Italy) – Tartufo Bardini
Bardini (Italy) – Cremino Bardini
Bardini (Italy) – Gianduiotto Bardini
Giraudi (Italy) – Gianduiotto 4.3
Giraudi (Italy) – Croccantello Nocciola
cōchu chocolatier (Canada) – Hazelnut Crunch

Met donkere chocolade omhuld marsepein

Cioccolateria FAGIOLO PEIRANO (Italy) – Bacio del Tricolore (Marchio Registrato)
Pietro Macellaro Pasticceria Agricola Cilentana (Italy) – Wild oregano and lemon of Sorrento

Donkere chocolade dragees, omhulde hele noten

chocoMe (Hungary) – chocoMe Raffinée RF105
Piccola Pasticceria (Italy) – Nocciola Piemonte Bassinata al Gianduia
Rococo Chocolates (United Kingdom) – Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans

Pralines op basis van noten met melkchocolade

Gardini (Italy) – Cremino Bigusto con Amarene
Gardini (Italy) – Cremino Bigusto con Liquerizia
Gardini (Italy) – Cremino Bigusto con Noci
Cioccolato TAF (Italy) – Cremino al Rosmarino
Varvaro (Italy) – Cremino al Pistacchio e Nocciole
Piccola Pasticceria (Italy) – Piccolo Gianduja
Fifth Dimension Chocolates (United Kingdom) – Sesame Crunch

Cremino van melkchocolade met toegevoegde smaak

Love18 Chocolatier (Malaysia) – Black Sesame First Love

Melkchocolade dragees, omhulde hele noten

chocoMe (Hungary) – chocoMe Raffinée RF103
chocoMe (Hungary) – chocoMe Raffinée RF104
Slitti (Italy) – Mandorle d’Avola
Slitti (Italy) – Pistacchi di Bronte
Au Bon Chocolat (France) – Enrobés Noisette
Fruition Chocolate Works (United States) – Pecans w/ Maple Cinnamon Milk Chocolate
Cacaoterra/Xiquipil (El Salvador) – Cinnamon Dusted Milk Chocolate Almonds

Witte chocolade dragees, omhulde hele noten

Torta Pistocchi Firenze (Italy) – Drageès Pistacchio Siciliano e arancia
T’a Milano (Italy) – Dragees caramello e sale
chocoMe (Hungary) – chocoMe Raffinée RF108
Fruition Chocolate Works (United States) – Pistachios with Za’atar & Orange Spice
Cona’s (Taiwan) – Cona’s Roasted Oolong Tea Macadamia Nut


Karamel omhuld met donkere chocolade

Casa Nobile (Switzerland) – Salzkaramell & Dschungelerdnuss Praline
Casa Nobile (Switzerland) – Caramello “Old Deer”
Stone Grindz Chocolate (United States) – Suntory Whiskey & Asian Pear Caramel
Aryam (Sweden) – Thyme and Lime Caramel
Chuang Chocolate (Taiwan) – Minions
cōchu chocolatier (Canada) – ButterScotch

Karamel omhuld met melkchocolade

Chocolatier M (Belgium) – Peanuts & Co.
Forte Chocolates (United States) – Pecan Caramel
Ben Le Prevost Chocolatier (United Kingdom) – Mandarin & Star Anise
Fifth Dimension Chocolates (United Kingdom) – Salt & Malt Caramel (White Chocolate)
Fifth Dimension Chocolates (United Kingdom) – Salt Caramel (Milk Chocolate)
Chococo (United Kingdom) – Gingerbread Caramel

Overige – fruit/suiker/boter/crème

Donkere chocolade gevuld met een zachte gelei/pasta van fruit

Oberhöller (Italy) – Il coure al caramello
Falicetto Cioccolato Puro Piacenza (Italy) – Sgranfgnòn
Chocolala (Estonia) – Lemon, honey, rosemary caramel
Pietro Macellaro Pasticceria Agricola Cilentana (Italy) – Piura Violetta
Pietro Macellaro Pasticceria Agricola Cilentana (Italy) – Boero
Auro Chocolate (Philippines) – Dalandan Tarragon

Met donkere chocolade omhuld heel fruit

Orangettes and Co. (France) – Orangette parisienne
Andreas Muschler (Germany) – ´Orangeatstäbchen ´
Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Organic chocolate covered Bananas
Cacao D’or (Taiwan) – Kumquat

Melkchocolade gevuld met een zachte gelei/pasta van fruit

Torta Pistocchi Firenze (Italy) – Uvetta cioccolato al latte e mandorla
chocoMe (Hungary) – chocoMe RF106
Slitti (Italy) – Black Cherry
Cona’s (Taiwan) – Cona’s Pineapple and Dried Green Grape

Met melkchocolade omhulde manon/boter/crème

Aryam (Sweden) – Hibiscus


Donkere chocoladepasta (geen melkpoeder)

Ciokkolando di Grillo Salvatore (Italy) – Crema Spalmabile Gianduia
Guido Castagna (Italy) – Crema Nocciola +55
Allo Simonne (Canada) – Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate and Buckweat
Allo Simonne (Canada) – Noisettes & Chocolat Jaguar


Slitti (Italy) – Crema da Spalmare Riccosa

Melk smeerpasta

Witte chocoladpasta

Piccola Pasticceria (Italy) – Buongiorno allo Zabaione

The 2019 World Final Chocolate Tasters’ Finalists

Entries judged by alumni and Certified Tasters of the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting and Finalists for special Chocolate Tasters’ prizes.

(In alphabetical order within each category)

Plain/origin dark chocolate bars

Friis-Holm Chokolade (Denmark)

Amazing Cacao (Russia)
Cacaosuyo (Peru)
Chocolaterie Morin (France)
Chuncho Gold (Germany)
Soma Chocolatemaker (Canada)

Micro-batch – Plain/origin dark chocolate bars

Ara Chocolat (France)
Cacao Hunters (Colombia)
Chokola bean to bar (United States)
Hummingbird Chocolate Maker (Canada)
Jacek Chocolate Couture (Canada)
Utopick Cacao (Spain)

Bean Geeks Chocolate (Denmark)
Standout Chocolate (Sweden)

Ara Chocolat (France)
Aruntam – Sensory Chocolate (Italy)
Depetris Riccardo / Depetris…i Ciculaté (Italy)
Goodnow Farms Chocolate(United States)
Harrer Chocolat (Hungary)
La Fèverie by Hasnaâ  (France)
Magie du Chocolat  (Japan)
Maraná (Peru)
Meybol Cacao (Germany)
PARADAi Chocolate (Thailand)
Stone Grindz Chocolate (United States)

Cocoa Yummy (Taiwan)
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan)
曾志元 Zeng Zhiyuan台灣Taiwan (Taiwan)

Aruntam – Sensory Chocolate (Italy)
green bean to bar Chocolate (Japan)
Kaitxo (Spain)
Karuna Chocolate(Italy)
Prime Chocolate (Belarus)

Dark chocolate bars with an infusion or flavouring

Choc Amor (United Kingdom)
Evers & Tochter Manufaktur (Germany)
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan)
Hey Fun Chocolate (Taiwan)
Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)
T’a Milano (Italy)
Zengzhiyuan (Taiwan)

Dark chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces

Barbon Chocolate (Canada)
Cemas Kakanen  (Taiwan)
Etat de Choc (Canada)
Fossa Chocolate  (Singapore)
Gamma Craft Chocolate  (Hong Kong)
Hey Fun Chocolate (Taiwan)
Hummingbird Chocolate Maker (Canada)
Karuna Chocolate  (Italy)
Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)
Palato Hand Crafted Chocolate (Honduras)
Saltus (Bolivia)
TCHO (United States)
Theo and Philo Chocolate  (Philippines)
Utopick Cacao (Spain)

Unflavoured dark chocolate ganaches or truffles

Garcia Nevett (United States)
Giuseppe Manilia (Italy)
Musée du Chocolat Théobroma  (Japan)
Paola Bertani (Italy)
Pietro Macellaro Pasticceria Agricola Cilentana (Italy)
Svenningsen Chocolatier (Denmark)

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