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Competition info – World Final 2019

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World Final, 2019

Locatie: Florence, Italy
Datums jurybeoordelingen: oktober 7, 2019 – oktober 12, 2019


The 2019 8th edition World Final will again be held in Florence, Italy, in cooperation with the Italian school of the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting, and will take place in Italy for the second time as part of our commitment to a truly representative international competition.

All 2019 Gold, Silver and Bronze entries from all competitions are eligible to enter the World Final, except for winners of our Special Growing Country Support competitions in Peru and Central America.

The World Final will judge the best of the plain/origin and flavoured bars, filled chocolates/bonbons and spreads from this year’s winners from around the world.

First Chocolate Tasters’ Forum, Florence 5-6 October 2019, Florence, Italy

In association with the World Final, The International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting is pleased to be hosting its first International Forum on 5-6 October in Florence, just before World Final judging begins. Institute alumni and anyone working in or interested in fine craft chocolate is welcome to attend. World Final entrants may also hand deliver their entries as the Forum and judging are in the same venue. To register and for full details please visit www.chocolatetastinginstitute.org/first-international-chocolate-tasters-forum/

World Final Ceremony 2019, Antigua, Guatemala, 18 November

The World Final winners’ announcement and ceremony will take place at the Captains General Palace (Palacio de los Capitanes Generales) in the beautiful old city of Antigua, Guatemala, at 5:00pm on 18 November 2019.

All 2019 regional and national winners are invited to attend the ceremony, which will celebrate excellence in fine chocolate from around the world. Invitations and full details will be sent shortly, including options for visits to cacao regions for entrants and judges.


Entry is by qualification through a Gold, Silver or Bronze prize win at a National, Regional or Semifinal competition during 2019 only.

Winners of all the year’s competitions, except our Growing Country Support competitions in Peru and Central America, are invited to enter their 2019 winning entries in the World Final.

Only 2019 winning products may be entered and may not be substituted for alternate products. Different batches are acceptable, as are batch variations and recipe changes that do not significantly alter the product in such a way that it would constitute a different retail product.

Entrants’ 2019 winning products will be automatically listed on the system when you register for the World Final.

De deelnamekosten voor deze wedstrijd bedragen EUR €55 en de kosten voor elke inschrijving bedragen EUR €40. De kosten worden door uw creditcardmaatschappij, indien nodig, omgezet in de plaatselijke valuta.


Deelname aan deze wedstrijd is momenteel niet mogelijk of is gesloten. Kijk regelmatig op de site voor nieuwe wedstrijden.


Adres voor monsters

Per International Chocolate Awards – World Final
Att.ne Alessia Pucci e Cristina Jacomelli
Educatorio del Fuligno
Via Faenza 48
50123 Firenze

For courier use only:
Contact name: Cristina Jacomelli
Phone number: +39.055.210232

For courier use and shipment enquiries: office@internationalchocolateawards.com



Om ervoor te zorgen dat uw monsters in een zo goed mogelijk staat bij ons aankomen, raden we u aan deze niet voorafgaand aan de officiële openingsdatum te verzenden. Voor verse producten zoals ganaches, raden wij u aan deze in de laatste week voorafgaand aan de sluitingsdatum op de sturen.

    • Startdatum ontvangst monsters::
      – september 18, 2019
  • Uiterste ontvangstdatum monsters::
    – oktober 6, 2019
  • Online sluitingsdatum::
    – oktober 5, 2019
Hoeveelheid monsters

Om ervoor te zorgen dat wij voldoende producten hebben ontvangen voor de Selection, Main en Grand Jury beoordelingsronden, dient u de volgende hoeveelheden van ELK product dat u ingeschreven heeft, in te zenden:

    • Repen: 400g (14 ounces) totaal gewicht
  • Gevuld/bonbons enz.: 40 stuks


  • Smeerpasta: 1 jar (min 300 grams/10 ounces)


  • Drinkchocolade::