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Juges – Americas Competition 2015

Gezien ons streven naar transparantie publiceren we de namen van de juryleden voor elke wedstrijd. (Van juryleden die daarvoor toestemming hebben gegeven.)

Elke wedstrijd wordt gejureerd door een panel van experts, voedseljournalisten, sommeliers en banketbakkers, onder wie de namen op de onderstaande lijst. De wedstrijd wordt overzien door leden van onze internationale Grand Jury, die speciaal naar elke wedstrijd gaan.

We bedanken onze juryleden voor hun harde werk, inclusief degenen die niet op de lijst staan. U vindt de volledige lijst winnaars in onze ‘Rounds & results’-sectie.

Ruth Alegria (United States), Mexico Soul and Essence, Ruth in Condechi

Karina Amaluisa (United States), Trade Commissioner of Ecuador in New York

Lindsay Appelman (United States), Dessert professional magazine/marketing manager

Jennifer Baker (United States), Editor/Writer, A Baker with an Appetite for Writing

Cristina Barrera (United States), Trade Office Of Ecuador in New York

Rose Beranbaum (United States), Cordonrose

Dirk Beyersdorff (United States), Toshoku America / Cargill / International Sales Manager, Cocoa

Kathy Blake (United States), Food Writer, Chef, Recipe Developer, The Experimental Gourmand

Carla Braschi (United States), CDNYDesign, Inc.

Brady Brelinski (United States), Visiting Nurse Service of New York, Flavors of Cacao

Roxanne Browning (United States), Exotic Chocolate Tasting, Exotic Chocolate Tasting

David Campuzano (Ecuador), Proecuador

Vincent Caradonna (United States), The Lost Sense

Karen Carzo (United States), Public Relations Consultant

Jeffrey Chin (United States), chef / food blogger, @i8and8

Martin Christy (United Kingdom), Seventy%, Permanent Grand Jury

Andrew Coe (United States), Food writer, culinary historian

Scott Craig (United States), DallasFood.org, DallasFood.org

Jeffrey Dryfoos (United States), Publisher-Dessert Professional

Meryle Evans (United States), food writer

Joshua Feldman (United States), The Morgan Library & Museum, The Coopered Tot

Jessica Ferraro (United States), Bar Cacao, Bar Cacao

Victor Gelman (United States), EMVI Chocolate Chief pf Production, EmviChocolate.com

George Gensler (United States), Manhattan Chocolate Society, Permanent Grand Jury

Jacqueline Gordillo (United States), Pro Ecuador, pro ecuador

Jackie Gordon (United States), Divalicious Inc./Singing Chef

Judy Haubert (United States), Food Stylist, judyhaubert.com

Hans Heer (United States), 2beans Coffee & Chocolate Passion

Adrienne Henson (United States), Joys Of Chocolate/also day job at Hotel Chocolat

June Jacobs (United States), Feastivals

Ayesha Kiani (United States), Chal Chilli

Jim Koper (United States), Aerospace Engineer, JK Chocolate Truffles

Michael Krondl (United States), Writer, Researcher, Food Historian

Anelisa Lauri (United States), Baruch College: Adjunct Lecturer/Program Manager, Chocolate Blogger, Chocolate Driven

Alexandra Leaf (United States), Manhattan Chocolate Society, Chocolate Tours of New York City

Lu Liu (United States), COCOVA / Owner

Renee Marton (United States), Author and Culinary Educator

Tina Masciadrelli (United States), The O Group, The O Group

Monica Meschini (Italy), Chocolate/Tea Taster, Sommelier, Permanent Grand Jury

Olivia Mesquita (United States), Olivia’s Cuisine

Mariana Nunez (United States), CD NY Design Inc.

Carmen Pelaez (United States), writer/filmmaker, www.carmenpelaez.com

Ana Sofia Pelaez (United States), Food Writer/Freelance, hungrysofia.com

Cliff Pepper (United States), Freelance Caterer, Events and P/T ICE Special Events

Channaly Philipp (United States), Epoch Times / Managing editor of Epoch Taste

Maricel Presilla (United States), Chef, Restaurateur, Author, Permanent Grand Jury

Sonali Pundalik (United States), Food Blogger at LeafandLemon.com, Leaf and Lemon

Larissa Raphael (United States), Riss’ Knishes

Meryl Rosofsky (United States), Food writer and adjunct professor of Food Studies at NYU

Kanako Satsutani (Japan), Tomoé Saveur / Fine Chocolate Distributor, Chocolate Expert, Tomoé Saveur

Mary Lou Schempf (United States), artist

Ellen Schnepel (United States), Principal, Crik-Crak Chocolate Connections

Sabena Singh (United States), Pastry cook/taste tester

Susannah Skiver Barton (United States), Writer & Editor, What Tastes Good

Marisol Slater (United States), COCOVA / Owner

Emily Stone (United States), Chocolate in Context

Jennifer Stone (United States), Demours, Founder

Joy Thaler (United States), Cocoa Compassion

Vicki Wells (United States), L’Arte della Pasticceria, L’Arte della Pasticceria

Erica wides (United States), Owner, ChefsmartypantsLLC, a culinary consulting and food media company

Lora Wiley-Lennartz (United States), Television Producer/Baking Blogger, Diary of A Mad Hausfrau

Charles Williams (United States), DessertProfessional.com Magazine

Woody Wolston (Belgium), Cordonrose