Canadian National Competition 2015 Winners

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Toronto at dusk

The International Chocolate Awards is pleased to announce the Winners of the Canadian National Competition, which was held from 25 – 27 September 2015 in Toronto, Ontario. After three very successful years in Vancouver, this is the first time the Canadian competition has moved to another vibrant region of the country known for its growing fine chocolate scene.


The judging panel was made up of pastry chefs, journalists, restaurant reviewers, bloggers, culinary educators and chefs, as well as members of our Grand Jury panel who oversaw the competition.



The categories judged included flavoured chocolate bars, filled chocolates and spreads, and are based on yearly feedback from our entrants and in consultation with the fine chocolate industry. All judging is anonymised, including at the Grand Jury final session, where Golds, Silver and Bronze prizes are awarded by private voting according to the Grand Jury rules.

Awards are awarded only to entries that meet the required standard for each prize. In view of identical scores at the Grand Jury round for the top two entries in the « Flavoutruffles chocolate ganaches or truffles » category, two Golds were awarded at the Grand Jury’s discretion.

(Prizes are shown in alphabetical order for each medal)

Tablettes Aromatisées

Tablettes de chocolat noir avec infusion ou arôme

Gold: The Violet Chocolate Company  (Canada) – Rose Mint

Silver: Hof Chocolate  (Canada) – Rose & Lemon

Silver: Hummingbird Chocolate Maker  (Canada) – Fleur de Sel 70%

Bronze: Hummingbird Chocolate Maker  (Canada) – PB & Joy

Tablettes de chocolat noir avec inclusions ou morceaux

Gold: The Violet Chocolate Company  (Canada) – Taco

Silver: Cococo Chocolatiers  (Canada) – Oregano Fusion Tablette

Silver: Palette de Bine  (Canada) – Vietnam 72% « La batch boucane avec piments et sel de mer »

Silver: The Violet Chocolate Company  (Canada) – Coffee & Cocoa Nibs

Silver: The Violet Chocolate Company  (Canada) – Spicy Hibiscus

Silver: The Violet Chocolate Company  (Canada) – Tandoori Masala

Bronze: Hummingbird Chocolate Maker  (Canada) – Honey Lavender

Bronze: organicfair  (Canada) – Little Italy organic dark chocolate bar

Tablettes de chocolat au lait avec infusion ou arôme

Gold: The Violet Chocolate Company  (Canada) – Honey Rosemary

Silver: The Violet Chocolate Company  (Canada) – Herbes de Provence

Silver: The Violet Chocolate Company  (Canada) – Moroccan Spice

Tablettes de chocolat au lait avec inclusions ou morceaux

Silver: The Violet Chocolate Company  (Canada) – Birthday Cake

Bronze: BETA5  (Canada) – Milk Chocolate – Nibs – Sea Salt

Tablettes de chocolat blanc aromatisées

Gold: The Violet Chocolate Company  (Canada) – Pumpkin Chai

Silver: The Violet Chocolate Company  (Canada) – Lemon Dill

Ganaches, palets, pralines avec ganache, truffes

Ganaches ou truffes de chocolat noir aromatisées

Gold: BETA5  (Canada) – Absinthe

Gold: Soma Chocolatemaker  (Canada) – Peach Magnolia

Silver: BETA5  (Canada) – Porcini

Silver: Gem Chocolates  (Canada) – Gold Rush

Silver: Soma Chocolatemaker  (Canada) – Fig Balsamic Truffle

Ganaches ou truffes au chocolat au lait

Gold: Cococo Chocolatiers  (Canada) – Earl Grey Tea

Bronze: Inspiration Chocolates  (Canada) – Monkey’s Lunch – PBB

Bronze: Soma Chocolatemaker  (Canada) – Garam Masala Truffle

Ganaches ou truffes utilisant du chocolat noir/au lait/blanc pour l’enrobage et la garniture

Gold: Succulent Chocolates and Sweets  (Canada) – Raspberry Bonbon

Silver: BETA5  (Canada) – Celery – Peanut

Silver: BETA5  (Canada) – Cucumber – Mint

Silver: Old Firehall Confectionery  (Canada) – Passion Fruit Lavender Truffle

Silver: Soma Chocolatemaker  (Canada) – Thai Stick

Silver: Succulent Chocolates and Sweets  (Canada) – Pumpkin Spice Bonbon

Bronze: Cococo Chocolatiers  (Canada) – Mint

Bronze: Gem Chocolates  (Canada) – Cézanne Pear

Bronze: Succulent Chocolates and Sweets  (Canada) – The Crunchy Apple Bonbon

Fruits secs

Praliné au chocolat noir

Gold: BETA5  (Canada) – Raspberry – Rose

Silver: BETA5  (Canada) – Roasted Beet – Ginger

Praliné au chocolat lait

Gold: BETA5  (Canada) – Sesame – Sriracha

Silver: BETA5  (Canada) – Pumpkin

Bronze: BETA5  (Canada) – Hibiscus – Pistachio

Bronze: Cococo Chocolatiers  (Canada) – Salted Peanut Butter Cup


Caramels enrobés de chocolat noir

Gold: Gem Chocolates  (Canada) – Lime Chili Caramel

Bronze: Cococo Chocolatiers  (Canada) – Chocolate Caramel with Thai Ginger

(*)  Declared chocolate maker for private label bars.

(**) Winner has declared the product is made with their own bean-to-bar chocolate or couverture.